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Yep. song is great and doesn't fit to this movie. The movie seems better than the first one, I hope so.
Wrath of the Titans
And this what I want!
The Expendables 2
Teaser Trailer
Put Lily Collins in Snow white and the huntsman and will be perfect.
Mirror Mirror
Of course. The reason? 2 words: Pedro Almodvar
The Skin I Live In
Feature Trailer
is this?
3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy
Feature Trailer
yeah, it will be interesting see him in a such different role. Nice trailer by the way.
The Woman in Black
I love the original and i believe this one will be really good with all this new wave of bad horror movies. About being a prequel, they can't do a sequel without messing the brilliant ending of John Carpenter's The Thing [SPOILER] where we will never know wich one of them was the thing at the end (MacReady or Childs).
The Thing
Yeah, i trust in J.J, and it seems good.
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
when i see this trailer i just think how amazing it will be on the big screen!
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Iridescent Trailer
...Is she the forever alone queen?
Impressive action and cgi. I don't care for the rest.
This reminds me so many movies together that i can't make a list here, but this movie has potencial to be really good.
Super 8
Seems funny!
It seems really good. But i don't know if Clive Owen will call the cyber police.
Feature Trailer
They know how to use 30s.
Fast Five
Super Bowl Spot
One word: great. But remembers me Dark City..
The Adjustment Bureau
TV Spot - Changed Forever
the haters gonna hate. I just love saw series.
Saw VI
Hands up who can't get enought of this movie!
Theatrical Trailer
Slusho Commercial
I agree with Caelum. I'm just wondering, they said "World Invasion: Battle L.A.", so there will be more movies?
Battle: Los Angeles
Trailer B
C'mon guys, everybody fights vampires and demons and other things, why not consumist zombies!?
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Promo Trailer
Aliens can't beat Han Solo and James Bond.
Cowboys & Aliens
So much green....
Green Lantern
Cannibal Girls
One word: EPIC!
Sucker Punch
Comic Con Trailer
It looks cool if you like some blood in the screen.
Sweet Karma
Red Band Trailer
Well...let see whats gonna happen.
Dorothy and The Witches of Oz
First Look
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