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Valentine's Day
Trailer B
. . . This movie is unreal.
The Other Woman
RCD - TIFF Premiere
Outside from onesided opinions . . .anyone that turns down working with Garry Marshall is an idiot! Genre movie . . . perfect marketing . . . it'll be a hit. Watch . . .
Valentine's Day
It's leaked online.
Music: Better Days - Goo Goo Dolls
Love Happens
International Trailer
MIddle of August has become the new Middle of May. The past three years in a row, sleeper hits have fired strong out of August.
District 9
First Look
. . . can anyone work a room better than Mr Downey Jr?
Sherlock Holmes
Comic Con Panel Part II
What's great about this . . .is that it's catered to the mainstream. This movie will unfold and be a complete surprise. Juno was marketed the same way. Megan Fox is what she is . . . GORGEOUS. This movie will be fun. Needless to say, Diablo Cody's writing alone will be enough to carry it. For a great example, watch U.S. of TARA . . . Unreal show. This movie will make waves . ..
Jennifer's Body
Red Band Trailer
THIS . . .MOVIE . . .LOOKS . . Amazing. Great story idea. Michael Bay tried this in Pearl Harbour and failed miserably. Great Cast . . . .and did you SEE Tobey? . . . that's scary! Very Excited.
ET Trailer
Red Band trailers need to play on TV . . . watch the Box Office SOAR!
Funny People
Red Band Trailer
This Movie is Unbelievable. When you see Jimmy Page pick up his guitar and show riffs to Edge and Jack, it gives you chills. A Must see for any guitar/music fan. You don't need to be a virtuoso . . . just a lover of things rock.
It Might Get Loud
It elates me how so many fans of the book have taken the time to comment. And the fans have never been MORE right. There are so many HUGE and tragic moments in the book. Still, before anyone watches this movie, they NEED .. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to read the book. I'm most worried about the sub-plots. I've heard that Harry DOES NOT have the INJURIES he recieves . . . to the readers, you know this is paramount. I've also heard that certain victims of certain sefl-affflicted actions are also removed from the plot. This will affect the movie . . . as they are crucial to the plot development. With that said, sometimes (not often) a great and open director and an incresingly affective studio can and will produce a product that is near or is at least worthy of the novel. Obviously changes need to be made, the novel is a big read but a good one. The adaptation to screen is impossible at best but, if the end result is at least a product that most fans will be happy with then, that's all we can ask for. HEADS UP: It will be different . ..it will be altered . .. but, if readers keep an open mind then maybe we'll receive a feeling we didn't get from the book. Maybe . . .JUST maybe, we'll see an alternate ending and feel something along the lines of how we'd wishe the book may have ended before we got to it's actual ending. Does that make sense?
The Time Traveler's Wife
MUSIC: . . . BETTER DAYS by THE GOO GOO DOLLS. You can't help but hope that Aniston has a huge hit someday. She does work hard and she only choocese what's given to her and really . . . she does do her roles justice, even if they are easier than most. When challenged, I think she'll soar
Love Happens
So . . . i've read the novel. How can I help? I purposely choose not to rip apart the trailers for movies that stem from adaptations. Honestly, it's near impossible to re-create to magic/emotional lift you get from reading finely written pages. For instance, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN: Great adaptation . . . but the novel offers so much more. ANGELS AND DEMONS & DA VINCI CODE . .. YES, two different sides of the spectrum as far as adaptations go but, you can easily see where creativity comes into play against corporate/studio input is involved. I was relectant at first but, I became a massive . . . MASSIVE fan of the novel. And there are a few things everyone should know about the project .. here goes: First of all . . .it's PLAN B. This means, Brad PItt's company. Although the company has done some great films, sometimes they fall short. See TROY and RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. OK so . . . the book is simply to layered to put to film. From what I read (SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO INTENDS TO READ THE BOOK) Henry looses his legs, which causes his death. Not only is that a crucial part of his time travel saga AND story, it also makes and eventual perfect ending. The film makers have skipped that part of the story . . . and it wouldn;t surprise me if they skipped Henrys Doctor . . . (in case he IS in the movie, i'll refrain from mentioning his name/rumoured casting) I've never read "acces"". So I can't make a comparison. Sorry. But, this will be a classic case of book to film adaptation that will inevitably have a split opinion about A) Whether it was a good idea in the first place and B) if it was a good/honourable adaptation. Fans of the book will see it and some people will enjoy it. I just recommend reading the book. It's magic. If you have specific questions on the book . . .I'm usually as hungover as I am right now on Wednesdays, Friday afternoons and every other Sunday. Thank you for TRAILER ADDICT. All the best to all of you, jg
The Time Traveler's Wife
The Time Traveler's Wife
It could turn out great or it could turn out awful. If you never judge a book by it's cover then we can't judge a movie by its trailer. However, the book was incredible . . . it'll be hard for any filmmaker to capture its magic. I wish this movie well though . . .and of course, i'll see it
The Time Traveler's Wife
Thank GOD they released a RED BAND . . . Even WITH Mike Tyson, the Theatrical Trailer just doesn't cut it.
The Hangover
Red Band Trailer
Wow . . .for a subtle action scene, that was really well done. Isn't everyone excited to see this? Oh, and I just watched "GOOD" (Viggo Mortensen) . . . Maybe one of the best movies I've seen this year. Thought I'd share.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
MTV Movie Awards
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