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"He's a street urching" ??!?! REALLY? The title of the movie is the PRINCE of Persia and you made him a pauper? I hate to break it to you, but... evil Visier, pretty princess, street urching turned heroic prince... you bastards didn't make the Sands of Time, YOU MADE ALADDIN. The whole point of the Sands of Time game was that the Prince was a pompous ass, and he grew and matured due to the course of the game's events. Congratulations, you've completely lost the plot by making the main character overly generic...
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Sneak Peek
Just a note to those who claim that Holmes is nothing like this... I believe you may have forgotten many of the details about the character from the stories. Holmes is a skilled swordsman (though he never has to use it, it's mentioned once or twice), a master boxer (he almost became a professional boxer in his youth), a proficient martial artist. Not to mention, a cocaine and morphine addict (He even carried his own syringe for the cocaine in a little leather case). Though in that time period, both were legal, as well as opium, it still doesn't change the fact that this was a part of his character. Not only that, but in several stories, Holmes gets into physical altercations with the antagonists (Moriarty being the most famous, as they fist fought and wrestled on a cliff overlooking a waterfall in one story). So please do tell how this adaptation, though obviously more action oriented, can be entirely out of character. The only difference I see is that Holmes is more disheveled, and he's more roguish with women, though the latter may just be an implication of the trailer, and not actually occur in the movie. And lest you forget, this is clearly meant to be a young Sherlock Holmes, before he took on many of his familiar mannerisms. TL;DR - Anyone whining about character differences or the action orientation has a fuzzy memory about the stories. It's skewed more toward action but it's far from out of place with the original stories.
Sherlock Holmes
So, the character of Gregory House, of the television show of the same name, was loosely based on Sherlock Holmes, except tey made him a lot more of a slob, and a tiny bit more of a douchebag (I've read all of the books, and yes, Holmes is a bit of an asshole). It looks to me like Guy Ritchie has now taken a bit of House and pulled it into Holmes... While I do love the original stories, this could certainly be interesting. PS - To anyone saying "This is not Holmes", I'd say it's more "Not a Holmes story," but Holmes could always take care of himself and had an impressive physical prowess.
Sherlock Holmes
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