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The most brilliant movie ending ever. And it ended up on the cutting room floor. F**k you, Hollywood. Just, f**k you!
I Am Legend
Alternate Ending
I really don't know why, but though I should experience multiple geekgasms upon seeing this, I felt a bit disappointed. Maybe I expected some more insight into the plot, but heck, this *is* a teaser trailer. @ acaddyfordaddy: I heard in an interview somewhere that Black Widow isn't going to have an accent at all, so fear not for cringe-worthy accents. Ah, five months left. May seems too far away.
Iron Man 2
*coughPotCcoughcough* Looks ball-bustingly awesome! This one goes on my "To watch" list.
Clash of the Titans
Trailer B
Dude, that's harsh! Why didn't Andy just throw them in a blender and hit the 'On' button? D8 I've got a feeling this is the movie I've been waiting for since I watched 'Toy Story' for the first time.
Toy Story 3
Great. Not amazing, but great, though I'm afraid they are slowly but surely giving too much away. If they continue like this, we'll already have watched half the movie by the time it hits theaters.
Winged Beast
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