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Holy Sh!t I wanna see this movie!
X-Men: Days of Future Past
I will watch this just for Nathan Fillion because I love him :)
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
I clicked on this, thinking it was "The Goon", the CGI movie based on the comic book of the same name... oops.
Red Band Trailer
I really, really want to see this movie. It looks to be right up my alley.
Feature Trailer
I like the premise, and the way that much of it takes place in one small area. Reminds me of Phone Booth in that way... and I loved Phone Booth. However, I find Sam Worthington's near-mullet distracting.
Man on a Ledge
Wow, this trailer is freakin' terrible. I love this movie, and I own it on DVD. This trailer makes the movie look awful.
"And some of you are just fish I've dressed up in a hat." LOL! I love Wallace & Gromit. I want to see this movie, badly.
The Pirates! Band of Misfits
Yeah, I so wouldn't be able to watch this movie. Sharks scare the ever loving sh!t out of me. For me, this is scarier than any horror movie.
Dark Tide
Now I don't need to watch the movie since I know everything that happens from watching the trailer... I hate trailers that spoil everything.
Essential Killing
"Where should I be able to go where I don't see one bit of advertising?" "To sleep." *LOL*
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Wait, it has Nathan Fillion?? OMG! Now I have to see this.
The Necronomicon
Short Film
I like Barry Pepper.
The Snow Walker
Ok, the hi-5 thing at the end was kinda funny, mostly because I didn't see it coming, but that's about it.
Jackass 3D
Awwww, she's such a sweetie.
Let Me In
San Diego Comic Con Interview - Chloe Moretz
The A-Team
Premiere Interview - Sharlto Copley
This reminds me of Dark City, except not as dark.
The Adjustment Bureau
I love kitties
African Cats
How is this not porn?
Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma)
Red Band Trailer
The director of this movie has seen Sin City waaaaay too many times.
Westbrick Murders
This trailer made me cry :-(
April Showers
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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