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A special sneak peek at the mutant characters from X-Men Origins: Wolverine courtesy of USA Today. They also did a great run down on each character shown and it here below or check out more at the site: Wolverine (Jackman): “Wolverine is very much the lead in this movie,” Hood says. “It's his story.” Wolverine’s history with the Weapon X program was seen in brief flashbacks in the prior X-Men movies, but you’ll get to see the whole transformation from man to near-beast in his solo film debut. Col. William Stryker (Danny Huston): According to Hood, the military man puts together the black-ops Team X, a group of mutants that Wolverine joins for a short period of time. Brian Cox played an older version of the character in the movie X2. Emma Frost (Tahyna Tozzi): Those who follow X-Men comics know this popular character as an adult. In the film, she’s a teenage telepath who can turn her skin into diamond. Gambit (Kitsch): “A card shark with the power to charge any object he touches with explosive energy, he features later in the film as a character Wolverine tracks down to help him in his search for someone who may — or may not — be the murderer of his lover.” John Wraith (Will.i.am): A close friend to Wolverine, he’s a teleporter much like Nightcrawler, a character also featured in X2. The Blob (Kevin Durand): The man also known as Fred Dukes is a 700-pound wrecking crew who’s pretty much immovable when his feet are touching the ground. Deadpool (Reynolds): A sword-wielding motormouth, mercenary Wade Wilson is another member of Stryker’s team who won’t be the same man by the end of the film. Agent Zero (Daniel Henney): Another Team X-er, this guy is one heck of a tracker and an even better marksman. He and Wolverine don’t exactly see eye to eye. Sabretooth (Schreiber): Wolverine’s half-brother Victor Creed is a feral villain whose long history with Wolverine made Hood drool with delight. "That is just great emotional backstory and baggage: You’ve got two guys who are actually related, who hate each other and who are struggling with each other? I’m in!”
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Mutant Characters
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