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Another thing. Im sick of people asking the same thing again, and again, so read this post, and be quiet for once: It's the Burrow on fire. It was a deleted chapter from the book, which Rowling is pleased to have been kept in the movie. The movie was delayed because of money. WB claim it was the writers strike, yet the script was already finished. They really held it back, for the money it would make in a summmer release. Twilight never had anything to do with it. Dont get me wrong, I hate twilight, but they never did anything to delay HBP. HOWEVER, they did take advantage of the delay, and the pissed off fans, thinking they would go and see their film instead. Instead, more fans got pissed off with them. Yeah, it gets you angry with their attitude. No respect at all, but theres no point in continueing your rants at them. Hmm, any more questions? Oh, yeah, about the final scene deletion thing. I didn't think it made sence either. Thats why I asked, If there was more to the story, or if it was bogus. All in all, im glad it's still in. I was just over exited that day, I had only just seen the trailer, and so many things were running through my head loll. Sorry for my panic (=
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
International Teaser Trailer
Look, yes, there was a decent amuont of protection, but not enough to prevent the Death Eaters attack. Also, if it didn't fit, Rowling would have requested it removed, but she said, in her own words, that she loved it, and it fitted perfectly. If Rownling doesn't see a loophole in her own books, why should you, or any of us try to find any?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
International Teaser Trailer
ahh... man, it does appear that Luna, using her funky glasses, will find Harry, rather than Tonks... /=
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Internet Trailer
OMG! EPIC TRAILER! Brilliantly constructed! I'm going to love the attack on that London bridge! Amazing, and the graphics! The Katie Bell scene was indeed more "OTT" than what I had gathered I should look like from Rowlings description, nonetheless, amazing! Brilliant acting from... everyone! And all the girls look great! Ron is a lucky ass son of a...
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Trailer C
This trailer is AMAZING! The Harry Potter franchise just gets better and better! Even the games are becoming enjoyable, after the disaster that was the Goblet of fire. So, moving on, I've heard many rumours, and I was wondering, the Burrow scene. Is it replacing the scene at the end, with the attack on Hogwarts castle? Because that would be dissapointing. I mean, i don't want to wait for the second of the 7th movies to see a attack on the castle. Anyone confirm weather the "flight of the prince" scenes are staying? It's just that the scenes should stay. It would really portray the anger that followed Dumbledores death. And the second war on Hogwarts (7th book) seems like im going to be chocking of laughter and tears at the same time lol. So, awesome trailer, but please, anyone confim about the scene thing?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
International Teaser Trailer
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