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not gonna lie when i heard whay the story line was my expectations for this film went way down. they went way up with this trailer, this looks hilarious!
The Watch
Red Band Trailer
anyone else think that for a soderbergh movie this seems kinda, well, mainstream?? i thought he was one of those directors who praises originality and low budget filmmaking......this looks like your tipical chick flick mixed with drama and stripping scenes. since it's soderbergh i'm gonna give it a try but hopefully this trailer doesn't do the film justice
Magic Mike
Met a stuntguy who worked on this movie, he said it was the most amazing thing he's ever worked on. I'm excited!
now this is a trailer that i've been waiting for. the other trailers were good but they focused on the comedy of the movie. i was waiting on the trailer that was full of nostalgia that made me remember how great the other movies were
American Reunion
Feature Trailer
we had a stuntman from the movie come to our theater class- he talked about working on the movie and he said what he saw was cool loved the seven nation army cover in the background
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
David Fincher... nuff said
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Feature Trailer
this isn't another direct-to-video suck fest, this is a true sequel to a true classic, i loved the original and i say that this deserves a chance from everyone,
American Reunion
Photobooth Trailer
I really like the idea behind this movie. I also love the Gattaca feel that the trailer evokes
In Time
Comic Con Trailer
it is basically the same thing. but the first was so funny i'm up for round 2. i would've loved to have seen doug with them this time just to see him experience the true hangover
The Hangover Part II
The first teaser trailer was good, but this is starting to look like another michael bay movie. Armageddon with transformers
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Super Bowl Spot II
the trailer should say, "from the soon to be unemployed director of disturbia"
I Am Number Four
Extended Trailer
watching this trailer gave me the same creepy feeling that i got when i watched requiem for a dream, but since that was great, i know aronofsky can pull this one off
Black Swan
okay. dont need to go see it anymore cause i just watched the whole thing in the trailer. thanks cameron.
Feature Trailer
whats up with freddy's voice? it doesnt sound scary whatsoever
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Teaser Trailer
this looks much better than the regular trailer. i like dramadies that happen to be action movies
From Paris With Love
Red Band Trailer
pause it at 2:33, theres a copy of watchmen on the bookshelf.
Deleted Scene - Hollis Mason's Death
it looks good. i like how they put the cannes stuff in there. but the music makes it sound like a comedy
Inglourious Basterds
International Trailer
stop it with the theme song. its been in all of the saw movies and the final valkyrie trailer. stop it and start getting original
The Box
this looks amazing but why did they say this film is not yet rated? considering it looks mega violent, has graphic war images, and the fact that none of tarantino's previous films were anything buy R, i think this will be R also.
Inglourious Basterds
time out, except for the tire and the rock thrown from the lawnmower, none of the rest of those things look like they would kill u. like in the car wash, why doesnt she just break open a window, or crawl through the sun roof. this one is gonna suck. love the tile though
The Final Destination
Does anyone else get this? If he is controlled by a person, then what is the point of him having a backstory? Is he the main character or what? Im calling it right now: FLOP
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