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I'm guessing that some of the people commenting here are under 35, maybe under 30, maybe under 25... Seeing characters like these happened all the time in the "old days" (late 60's to early 80's).. HR Puff N' Stuff (and LidsVille), Mummenshanz, ever seen SnuffleUpaGus? Land of the Lost, The Lost Saucer (my favorite!!).. Look up "The World of Sid & Marty Kroft" on Amazon... I can't believe a copy of The Lost Saucer (Used) on Amazon goes for up to $150.00!!!
Where the Wild Things Are
This doesn't look bad, but doesn't look great. I see them wanting to match the frames almost exactly as we would remember the art from the book (as was done with James and the Giant Peach), BUT, that's where it stops for me.. I will still see it with an open mind, BUT, stories that are classics (or original films that were classics, like Willy Wonka), sometimes should be LEFT ALONE. Why? Because if the book reads in 10 minutes (like Oh, The Places You'll Go), then it requires 90 minutes of "creative license", and therefore can attempt to "bend" the interpretation to become what this (and possibly next) generation will "see as the story", WITHOUT reading the book first, or even being told that it even WAS a book first, and NEVER LOOKING BACK. That's what I get afraid of in these situations.. It reminds me of Johnny Depp doing "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory", doesn't beat the original so: Leave it Alone! Madonna doing American Pie: Leave it Alone. Gwen Stefani doing "It's My Life" - LEAVE IT ALONE.. I WILL see Where the Wild Things Are, but still cautious. I do like the idea though, of doing a flick for kids that isn't loaded with CG, they can't learn about humans (and how to be one), if they don't see any.
Where the Wild Things Are
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