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Oh how original... *smirk* Lets make a movie that combines Blair Witch + Paranormal Activity... and make the setting.. ON THE MOON! We'll even say that there was an Apollo 18. This will be an awesome movie! Give me a fucking break.....
Apollo 18
... this is.. stupid
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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Theatrical Trailer
The reason why we haters flock to this movie is because of the fact that a obvious crappy movie is popular for some odd reason. The plot is bad, the characters are annoying to watch. We haters are trying to kill this movie because it obviously sucks and we hate the fact that it's so popular. We haters hate the Twilight series and we wish that everybody would realize just what shit this entire series is and STOP watching it. By promoting the series, you're encouraging more crappy movie series to be made. You're lowering the standards for making movies. This is why we haters hate on the Twilight series.
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Wait a minute! This is a rip-off of Kick Ass?! I thought I was watching one of the characters of Kick-Ass. GOD DAMN IT! I AM PISSED NOW!
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