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Holy....that looks like an insane fun movie experience right there!
Witching and Bitching
not my cup of tea, but it does look like a pleasant one to see!
Million Dollar Arm
really looking forward to this too. God Bless Stallone for putting this together year after year. He is a smart business man!
The Expendables 3
Teaser Trailer
Taken 3. Costner needs to get back to a Mr. Brooks sequel. I thought that movie was really good!
3 Days to Kill
It's a pretty underwhelming trailer, but I am guessing they are still in post-production and don't have much footage complete yet. loved the prequel, so have high expectations for this too.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Will have to check out Man from the South, but this is looking intriguing in a natural born killers sick sorta way.
Cheap Thrills
Red Band Trailer
hahaha...Primer was waaaaaaaaaay to technical for everyday popcorn flicking audiences. THIS, however, will be right up their alley! And mine too, actually, because it kinda looks good! Almost American Pie meets Butterfly effect. Excited.
Project Almanac
Missed part one and though I chuckled some during this trailer, I'll most likely be missing this one too.
22 Jump Street
Red Band Trailer
I do agree, McConaughey has avoided the romcom trope that was under-utilizing his talents and by combining his talents with Nolan, only a great cinematic experience can follow. Looking forward to seeing more about this!
Teaser Trailer
THAT's what I am talking about! Make me care! This is looking sweeeet and intense!
haha...well, at least it's a much better trailer than that first one. Not saying that I'll see it in theaters or anything like that, though.
The Legend of Hercules
Feature Trailer
Terribly lousy title for an otherwise serious movie (reminds me of that movie, runner runner
Gimme Shelter
Authentic, unflinching expression. Lars von Trier at his best, it seems. For anyone who is interested, check out the man's body of work (Mandalay, Anti-Christ, Melancholia, Dancer in the Dark-my personal favorite) and be prepared to be moved! Excited to see this!
Red Band Trailer
Swazzo is back! I saw Escape Plan in theaters and it occurred to me that he could totally still pull off an action role if he worked at it. Afterall, Stallone, his contemporary has been doing a pretty consistent job of it since his 2006 return!
hmm, the title gives a lot away, but it does look good!
Lone Survivor
Feature Trailer
this is a siiiiignificantly better (and more exciting) trailer than the first teaser that came out. This I want to see!
Feature Trailer
hahahaha...as the cemetary-horizon turned into a bustling city, i knew this was going to be one of "those" movies. Didn't Sandra Bullock and Neo already do this movie though?
Winter's Tale
WildeQ, you are right! Very astute of you. That said, this is a captivating trailer (and plot) and it isn't too far removed from reality where abductions do happen and those held captive begin to empathize with their captors. Stockholm Syndrome, I believe it's called. Reitman also happens to be genius when it comes to manipulating emotions with his movies. Definitely will be front-line and center for this one!
Labor Day
Emm...that was a much nicer trailer. Suddenly really looking forward to this!
The Wolf of Wall Street
Feature Trailer
Can't say this trailer blew me away or blew me in any way for that matter. I am unfamiliar with the original comic arc, so maybe that's part of it, but even as a well-versed die-hard fan of the movies, this just looks so convoluted. At least, this trailer looks that way.
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Definitely looking forward to seeing this in theaters!
Cesar Chavez: An American Hero
Looks good, looks good. Can't say I was excited enough to skip like a fanboy, but it looks like it will be a good movie!
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Didn't laugh once with any of this. Passed on the first part, and it appears I'll be passing on this one too!
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Feature Trailer
hmm...this actually looks like it might finally get Paul Walker to dig deep for a performance that will take the taste of those terrible performances away. It looks good!
Feature Trailer
It does look good, but it also looks so formulaic! i guess we'll just have to wait and see!
Red Band Trailer
STAR-studded! Looking good!
The Grand Budapest Hotel
this is not the one with the Rock. Any movie showing ancient times, that has warriors about to go into battle starting a statement with "Tonight/Today..." will automatically harken back to 300
The Legend of Hercules
okay, emm...this looks really good. I always knew LeBouf had great chops, but we've been waiting forever to see them on display. Good timing!
Charlie Countryman
ZZzzzzz....Nicole Kidman has not impressed me in a role in a long time. Plus, I abhor the whole monarchy worship these films encourage, so with those two strikes, I doubt I'll even been catching this on TV!
Grace of Monaco
Teaser Trailer
hehe...but it does look like it might be fun to watch for horror fans! A DvDer for me!
The Last Days on Mars
International Trailer
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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