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Yep. Dorothy, Alice, the Pevensie kids, Harry Potter, Frodo...all on drugs. Sure. By the way, I get the joke, but it's an old joke, a bit stale.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Yes! Hopefully it'll stay true to the dark humor of the comic book, but so far it looks awesome. Have to say it, though...the level of gore, violence, sex and profanity in the comic (and most likely the movie) would put Mystery Men in its grave...this is way more hardcore.
Red Band Trailer
I'm thinking this could be very good. Directed by Greg Motolla, who did Superbad. Cool concept anyway...love the retro feel, considering it takes place in the mid-1980s.
Red Band Trailer
Actually, I think I know where the strange "Ginny in the swamp" scene fits into the storyline now. I remember hearing something about a new scene being added to the existing story, where a group of Death Eaters actually attack the Burrow. I assume this is from that scene...perhaps Ginny gets caught outside, and from the looks of things, Fenrir Greyback (or another of his werewolves) is hunting her through the reeds. Maybe her father, Arthur, gets scarred by Fenrir at this point, instead of it being Bill who is attacked during the end battle, because we haven't seen enough of Bill during the films to have any emotional connection to him. I know, even though Half-Blood Prince was quite a bit shorter than Order of the Phoenix, that material will have to be lost in the translation from book to film. They will most likely only keep the absolutely essential plot elements, such as Harry learning about Voldemort's past through the pensieve, the revelation of the Horcruxes, Slughorn's arrival at Hogwarts and his own dark history, and of course the various romances of the story, including Ginny and Harry, Ron and Lavender, and perhaps even Hermione and McCleggan, since I heard Ron's lost storyline as Keeper for the Qudditch team from Order of the Phoenix has been transplanted to this film instead.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Teaser Trailer
Looks very cool. I had a few issues with Order of the Phoenix, and was leery of David Yates returning, but hopefully this chapter of the Potter saga will have a bit better pacing. The visuals, at least, look amazing, although for the life of me I can't remember a scene from the book where Ginny is in her bathrobe in a swamplike area. Maybe this is an added scene just for the film. I do wonder a bit just how well this movie is going to flow, since most of it is actually light and comedic and then it all goes extremely dark at the end...and least, it will if it follows the book.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Teaser Trailer
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