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I'm worried this will end up being stupid, but it does look pretty intense. I'm 99% sure that guy had a knife in his eye o_0 Also, Gyllenhaal looks like he'll have the performance of the year. Never seen him so transformed in a role before.
End of Watch
Red Band Trailer
Corddry looks like the best part of all of this, if just for the line "Really? The butter police?"
Reminds me of American Gangster a bit. It will probably be pretty cliched, but the acting looks incredibly good and the action looks like a lot of fun. The makeup on Sean Penn is freaking incredible too.
Gangster Squad
The plot is unorthodox, but this looks amazing. Ben Affleck is really turning his career around and he's assembled an incredible cast too for this. Looks really original and interesting.
I have a lot of faith this is gonna be awesome. I'm kinda surprised Jason Segel is in it since he had kind of a small role in Knocked Up. I really hope Seth Rogen, Ken Jeong, and the rest make cameos.
This Is 40
...but I'm pretty sure this is gonna be as good as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Just a guess :D
The Five-Year Engagement
Red Band Trailer
I don't care if it sucks, I'm watching it for Kate Beckinsale lol
Total Recall
Its a step up from Jack and Jill, thats for sure. Andy Samberg might save the movie from total mediocrity, but I'm not getting my hopes up. And wtf why is Rex Ryan in this?
That's My Boy
Red Band Trailer
A D+ from TA users? That's waaaay too low imo. Looks like a fun, weird movie and I like the combo of Knightley and Carrell. Plus Gillian Jacobs is in it so this = win so far.
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
But I like some new blood in a franchise. Renner seems like a good fit for a Bourne reboot and this trailer has me really excited. Plus I didn't know it had Edward Norton in it which is 1000x even more awesome.
The Bourne Legacy
This extended preview shows WAY more than the ad they aired. They should've just shelled out the extra money to show the whole thing.
The Avengers
Super Bowl Spot (Extended)
"I think Elisabeth Banks is miscast here..." I was just about to say the EXACT same thing! I wouldn't take her seriously as a hostage negotiater.
Man on a Ledge
International Trailer
Looks pretty badass if a bit generic.
Safe House
Looks like a nice waste of an afternoon. At least it seems funny
21 Jump Street
Red Band Trailer
Plot is almost identical to the Bounty Hunter, it's just the girl hunting down the guy instead. The fake New York accent Heigl is trying to pull just sounds bad too. I smell a fail.
One For the Money
Not impressed by the trailer. Plus artificial old Leo kind of weirds me out.
J. Edgar
Terrible name but it looks like it could be half-decent. Nothing better than a rental though.
The Son of No One
Feature Trailer
Probably the best parody so far. And it shows that NPH is in it! With Jason Segel! My excitement for this movie just shot up to 100 again.
The Muppets
Pig With the Froggy Tattoo Trailer
Looks weirdly good. But it could also suck. It has JGL so I might just watch it anyway, even if it does suck
Premium Rush
That looks incredible. The fight scenes were amazing.
The Raid: Redemption
Red Band Trailer
Goddammit why did they spoil Olivia Wilde's death?! WTF! Besides that I'm looking forward to this, even if it does suck :P
In Time
International Trailer
looks funnier than the second one. Guantanamo Bay had its moments, but I thought it was mostly disappointing. This looks like a lot more fun and more in tune with White Castle. Even if it sucks I'm gonna see it so whatever :D
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
The first trailer was more clear about the story, but this one leaves a way better impression. The first one made it look REALLY cheesy. And JT can pull off the action hero role imo.
In Time
Wow that looks intense. Can't wait to see it.
Red Band Trailer
Looked decent...until I saw Brett Ratner's name at the end. Don't think it's gonna be good.
Tower Heist
I think it's safe to say this trailer sucked. Really poorly edited. That being said, I'm a sucker for a good sci-fi concept and this has enough good talent in it to get me to pay for a ticket. And yeah, this does seem a lot like Gattaca which is a very good thing.
In Time
Comic Con Trailer
That actually looks really good. Collin Farell looks like he's gonna steal the entire movie.
Fright Night
I'm hesitant about it but it does look really good. The guy who's playing Magneto looks like he'll be the best part.
X-Men: First Class
Theatrical Trailer
"Your first thought was to come to a school filled with young children?!"
30 Minutes or Less
Red Band Trailer
Waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the trailer for sure. This actually looks better than I thought it might turn out. BUT I'm still not sold on it yet. It still looks like it could suck, which is a shame because Ryan Reynolds as a superhero is too awesome to waste.
Green Lantern
WonderCon Footage
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