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...by the sorts of people who automatically hate on movies that are inspired by things they remember loving when they grew up based on nothing more than the trailers. I watched Dragonball Z religiously when I was a teenager, and I am snatching up the new dvds as soon as they come out, but even I have to admit that the show lacks something upon repeated viewings. It's just simply not something that is targeted towards people over the age of, let's say... 15 or 16, which is about when I first started watching. And now, ten+ years later, I can barely stand to watch some of the sillier, "comedy" episodes. Don't even get me started on the Dragonball series. Anything with Goku as a little kid was just annoying. and unwatchable, as far as I'm concerned. I say all that so you'll realize I'm not just some crap-on-cartoons kind of guy. I'm a Dragonball Z fan, but I can still descriminate between good and bad elements of the show. This movie, judging by the trailer, looks like a pretty decent live-action re-imagining of the show, set vaguely before the events of Dragonball Z but towards the end of the Dragonball timeline. As for Goku being a Westerner, I always thought he was drawn as though he WAS a westerner. It's an anime convention in some ways. Regardless, there is certainly nothing overtly "Asian" about the drawn character, and I was actually impressed that they found a real person who looks like the drawn character. But the ultimate argument that shoots down all the "crap! suks! wtf!" from fanboys who are embarassingly old to be caring is this: IT'S A MOVIE TARGETED AT CHILDREN! JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL SHOW WAS WHEN YOU FIRST DISCOVERED IT AND BECAME A FAN! Get over it. /I'll be seeing it, tongue firmly in cheek, provided it gets a wide enough release to reach me in my vaguely rural part of the country.
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