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Okay... I love Zombie movies/shows like the next Zombie fan, but...these are way too fast. Inhumanly fast and not scary. Personally, I like the George A Romero slow walkers, I can live with the 2004 Dawn of the Dead runners... but these zombies must be from some baseball team due to the juice they're on. I'll see it, but won't be as excited as I would be if they had faith in the legend of the Z. In fact, this seems like the TWILIGHT of Zombie films - the monsters by name only.
World War Z
Wow… this looks… horrible. JEREMY!! What have you been doing to yourself? This second rate Van Helsing knockoff is your follow-up to your second rate Bourne continuation? Tisk. Please get back on track, you 2x Oscar Nominated star!
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Well, Kevin James’s first gay movie with Adam Sandler didn’t fare too well, this new gay one’s gotta rock! And shirtless, to (boom)! I’m sold.
Here Comes the Boom
Well, this has given me just enough information and desire to go out, when this is released, and get a haircut. Then, I'll go home.
Feature International Trailer
Let me get this straight: Mob bosses of the future find it easier and cost friendly to transport someone into the past in order for them to be killed…than just killing them, themselves? I hope they’re just not revealing everything…
Oh, if only both two of the hotest men on Pay-Cable were in another feature, Jason and Turtle, I'd be more excited. But Ghosts on a Plane?
I didnt know The Ring III was in the works.
For the love of Hasbro, have any of these people actually played the game? Next up: Ancient Evil Checkers from Planet X. This looks absolutely horrible, a waste of both our time and their money and the most positive thing I will say is: much like 2012, I will certainly get a good 2 hours of extremely laughter.
Feature Trailer
Oh, this looks AWESOME...but I wish it was just another killer in the woods story. Strange, I never get tired of those.
The Cabin in the Woods
Wow...this looks hilariously bad. Not as much as Immortals, but still looks LOL in the wrong scenes. What's even funnier, is they spent about $250m on this, and their lack of faith of the early March release will ensure failure. Good... will Hollywood listen: We dont want this crud anymore!
John Carter
Feature Trailer
Looks enormously unoriginal...and yet...It's fraking Jason Statham.. as long as he's active and they show enough action from him - no greenscreens or CGI for the love of Pete - I'm game.
Looks hilarious!
The Devil Inside
Loved Part 1.. Didnt like #2 much. HATED #3. So...why do you ask that I can't wait to see this one? Wait...someone was asking? So cool! You're my friend now. Anyways, friend, I think this one will make up for 2 and 3. You think so too? Well, grab a sock and let's watch it together!
American Reunion
Restricted Trailer
OMG, OMG, OMG! I cannot wait for this!! I already knew this would be the comedy hit of 2011, but this trailer confirms I will be LMAO from beginning to end like parts 1-3. Seriously, if one can take this, it will be hilarious.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Theatrical Trailer
This looks absolutely hilarious. I just saw this trailer in the theatre before Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I was cracking up. Add this to The Twilight Show 4A this fall-winter, and its gonna be a laughfest!
Paranormal Activity 3
Wow they preach diversity, yet they take pride in their segregation. And though, it looks oodles better than Pearl Harbor. ‘Course, that’s not saying much…
Red Tails
This has Transformers written all over it, and not just because of the big "alien" ship VS the US military or the obligatory metal score/sound-effects...It’s taking a simple and wonderful childhood toy/game and butchering it beyond recognition, i.e. the Transformers films. Since there is not much you can do with the "You Sunk My Battleship" game in regards to a film translation, DON’T MAKE THE MOVIE. God, I hope this fails like all other Hollywood dumb ideas of late.
Yeah, I hope you didnt watch this trailer prior to seeing the movie...it spoils practically everything but a few twists at the end. Very funny movie, but may not be if you watch this first.
Horrible Bosses
Red Band Trailer
Wow…I am not sure which trailer is funnier: TF3 or Breaking Dawn. At least they found a suitable replacement for Megan Fox…this chick nailed the no-emotion and completely unintentional comic relief. Just watching her makes me giggle…and not with the least bit excitement.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Iridescent Trailer
OMG…I probably made a fool of myself in the movie theatre today when this trailer was shown. I, HONEST TO GOD, COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Sure enough, no one else was, but the preview reminded me of the other films that cracked me up so loud, I had to continuously pause the first three movies until my laughter finally died down. I *HAVE TO* see this in theatres; it will be the comedy hit of 2011.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
I cannot wait...where explosions were my "summer must-see" when I was a kid...I would much rather spend my summers with this kind of movie.
Horrible Bosses
Feature Trailer
What the bleepy bleep...where the hell is Peter Vincent and why is this now to be "taken seriously"? it's a fun horror, not a horror, horror.
Fright Night
Uh...fine, I'll see it...but...BUT..why do we always have to go back to the beginning? They had the perfect cast for the X-Men features: Jackman, Stewart, McKellen, Berry, Paquin, etc. I dont want to see Hannibal as a toddler nor Jason as a drowned victim...You dont have to produce "sequels" just "chapters."
X-Men: First Class
Theatrical Trailer
Who's looking forward to the COMEDY of the summer!?!? I'm sorry..When you start off terrible, get worse...there's little chance of redeeming one's self...even on the Dark(side) of the Moon...
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
...for a sequel to Kick-Ass. Cool!
Looks outrageously hilarious! Cant wait to see and laugh like I did with Paranormal Activity.
Apollo 18
I think it was Sarah Palin driving the truck and Hillary Clinton in the train.
Super 8
Teaser Trailer
I loved the first, and this is coming from someone who generally hates the live-action talking animal flicks. This "name-only" sequel (it appears) seems to want me back on track on loathing those types of movies. This looks awful and lacks any of the charm of the first. I'll give it a 5% chance I'll see it.
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
...to be a man.
Sex and the City 2
I think I would be kicked out of the theater for laughing so hard and pointing. and I mean throughout the whole movie.
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