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Okay... I love Zombie movies/shows like the next Zombie fan, but...these are way too fast. Inhumanly fast and not scary. Personally, I like the George A Romero slow walkers, I can live with the 2004 Dawn of the Dead runners... but these zombies must be from some baseball team due to the juice they're on. I'll see it, but won't be as excited as I would be if they had faith in the legend of the Z. In fact, this seems like the TWILIGHT of Zombie films - the monsters by name only.
World War Z
Wow… this looks… horrible. JEREMY!! What have you been doing to yourself? This second rate Van Helsing knockoff is your follow-up to your second rate Bourne continuation? Tisk. Please get back on track, you 2x Oscar Nominated star!
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Well, Kevin James’s first gay movie with Adam Sandler didn’t fare too well, this new gay one’s gotta rock! And shirtless, to (boom)! I’m sold.
Here Comes the Boom
Well, this has given me just enough information and desire to go out, when this is released, and get a haircut. Then, I'll go home.
Feature International Trailer
Let me get this straight: Mob bosses of the future find it easier and cost friendly to transport someone into the past in order for them to be killed…than just killing them, themselves? I hope they’re just not revealing everything…
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