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The previous X-Men films were tandem at best, this atleast makes it interesting because we're not only immersed in a different era, but we get to see a fresh perspective to the characters' development and backstory. This was the best possible move before exploring additional themes that may not have carried as much weight due to the shakily recieved X3 and Origins: Wolverine. films. Vaughn has not directed a single bad movie. The cast is phenomenal. Respect the old school :P How I've missed me some good 'ol midnight madness!
X-Men: First Class
Theatrical Trailer
Would love to see the story get serious about going someplace that doesn't reside entirely in the digital world - it's like the second movie forgot there were real world humans that made the digital world possible, and more concerned about being a "close call'. Flynn Lives!! -fan of the genre
Tron 3
Teaser Trailer
client protocol seems very matter of fact.
Elektra Luxx
Viral - Role Playing
i'd buy it a drink
Hall Pass
Red Band Trailer
This trailer gives us PERMISSION to witness the experience that will probably surpass [all but the Cpt. =p] this year - that foreboding shot of Xavier and Lehnsherr talking of peace tells you cast and crew know wtf is up.
X-Men: First Class
only gonna watch this with a good friend of mine: the tobacco water pipe.
Your Highness is f***ing IN!!!
Your Highness
Red Band Trailer
ummm with respect to the story, if these particular villains are realized, the story should therefore hold true to the tone of the source material, no? The trailer's content juxtaposes the suggested alacrity.
Green Lantern
1:03 for every fly there is a swatter
Tron Legacy
Theatrical Trailer
imax 3d plz. Can't a movie goer dream?
Friends With Benefits
Red Band Trailer
Do I pour butter or CLP?
Sucker Punch
Why decemburr? This feels like waiting in the hyperbolic time chamburr. TRON is cooler than cool.
Tron Legacy
Music Video - Derezzed
i'll pay a dirty admission price to see this movie.
Inglourious Basterds
lmfao when the trailer froze i thought my computer died from a final destination trailer...
The Final Destination
little big planet a la tim burton. hell ya.
Feature Trailer
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