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does anyone know the beginning part of the music? the second part is "surface of the sun", by john murphy
The Adjustment Bureau
this looks about 10 times more entertaining than some dewey cox bs. A comedy, with a REAL story. im there
looks like one of those short movies inbetween video games. and ive heard that soundtrack in two other movies. the island and seven pounds.
Feature Trailer
the only reason this looks semi-interesting is because the background music is trying to make it seem so much more epic than it really is. this looks like a tv series on TNT.
Feature Trailer
i just watched "I, Robot" and "the island" at the same time on two tvs next to each other. i just saved $10 on this movie.
2:03 sounds more like star wars to me
The Road
thanks, i just saved $10, because that was obviously the main reason anyone would want to see this movie.
Powder Blue
Red Band - Nude Scenes
holy epic...
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
WTF was that? i know, how about i film a movie with my friends about us going to a club and swimming in our high school pool. movie done.
well, the first minute of this trailer is amazing but thats only because of regina spektor.
500 Days of Summer
too late. i think an awful animated rip off of star wars is already on tv.
Battle for Terra
Se7en anyone?
The Horsemen
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