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The 1st one was pretty good, but the second was bad and the 3rd complete and utter garbage, they should've retired the franchise, but considering how Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are now in a slow decline, they probally couldn't pass the chance to do a 4th movie...
Fast & Furious
Exclusive - The Bridge
Seth looks like sh.t, like the part demands it, he clearly put on a LOT of weight and he looked aged, this movie has the potential to be pretty damn funny or awful...
Observe and Report
Red Band Trailer
This movie looks great, and the cast is just plain excellent, Amber Heard, gorgeous as usual, now let's see if the movie lives up to the hype...
The Informers
Unrated Trailer
After watching the trailer, I have to say, the whole theme and story is laughable... It seems like another movie exploiting the rise in interest for MMA and at the same time gives MMA a bad name. Are we supposed to believe a guy straight out of the streets with all his tough-guy atitude that manages to beat everybody in the "cruel and ruthless bare-knuckle underground circuit", or some nonsense like that, oh and get this, the guy gets paired down in superfights of half-million dollars. Give me a break, these days MMA athletes start in the fight circuit for passion of the sport, and only the top names get top dollars, A.Silva, the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, made in purse only 200k in his last fight, and we are supposed to believe some street fighters make 500k? Not to mention, with a purse like that even the audience would have more skills than the punk who plays main character, Cung Le, the asian doing the leg takedown, participation only shows that he is a farse willing to scrubs toilets in hollywood than do actual fights. I won't waste my money going to the movie or even renting, at best im just gonna d/l and watch in an afternoon, just to see if the movie is as bad as it looks.
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