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I sure as hell am not supposed to take the blatherings of a know-nothing (that would be you) seriously who doesn't have a clue as to what it is he's talking about. (If you were familiar with the books and the supporting character that Kravitz is playing, you'd know that it's by no means a horrible casting choice. So you've seen Battle Royale, welcome to the club. As much as I love BR, The Hunger Games trilogy presents a much richer story with MUCH more fully realized characters. Bottom line: the trailer is MAGNIFICENT. It gives fans of the books (of which I am most certainly one) complete confidence that the upcoming movie is going to be a faitfhful, competent adaptation. I for one, cannot wait.
The Hunger Games
Color me intrigued! This looks bad-ass.
The Divide
GodDAMN! This looks fucking AWESOME!!! Phantasm was a seminal cinematic event in my formative years. And I cannot wait for this film to be released! Woo hoo!!!!
John Dies at the End
REC was easily one of the best horror films of the last decade. REC 2 was completely ridiculous by comparisoin. I'm assuming that the 'GENESIS' subititle pegs this as a prequel. Here's hoping that this one is more in line with the terrifying original tha the over-the-top unintentionally comedic sequel.
[Rec] 3 Genesis
Teaser Trailer
This looks like it should be headed directly to home video. One of the worst trailers I can recall seeing in recent years.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
@IDK: Since when does "weird" constitute a negative?
Red State
Red Band Trailer
Looks exactly like Skyline? How old are you - 14? Because it doesn't seem that you have a lot of cinematic reference points to draw from. Alien invasion is a motion picture sub-genre of science fiction. This looks NOTHING like Skyline except in the most superficial / trivial way. Why must so many people with so little of worth to say be provided with access to computers. The only thingk that 'Looks Bad' is your limited perception.
Battle: Los Angeles
Feature Trailer
Apparently some people posting here don't grasp the difference between a TEASER and a TRAILER proper. TEASERS, as a rule of thumb "do not reveal EVERYTHING in 30 seconds." All in all though, I'd have to say that my first impression of the movie is a positive one.
Battle: Los Angeles
Well at the very least we can all agree that it's a polarizing work.
I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix
Doesn't look anywhere near as bad as the pretentious whining in this thread would indicate. Does the trailer go on too long and consequently end up revealing too much? Yep. Is the song choice at the end of the trailer one that I agree with? No. But does a disappointing trailer ALWAYS equate to an equally disappointing movie? No. Consider In Brouge for instance. Based on the trailer, it was not a movie that I had any interest in seeing AT ALL. It was only when I started hearing people saying that it was a darkly comic, drama of real substance and not a quirky, over-stylized comedy-drama that the trailer had portrayed it to be did I revisit the title. And I've since filed it away to serve as a perfect example of how sometimes a trailer can give viewers a regretably bad impression of a movie that the movie, ironically enough, does not deserve. The fact of the matter is that Wes Craven should be given the benefit of the doubt based on his life-long track record. Not every film has been a home-run, but he is horror movie royalty, and so, let's give him the benefit of the doubt until we get a chance to judge this baed on actual merit (or lack of it). Of course, if you don't have interest in or appreciation of horror films, well... then this would be a moot point. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed on this one and hope for the best - while NOT expecting the worst.
My Soul to Take
First off, I found it highly doubtful that anyone who is truly a fan of the horror genre could claim that this movie doesn't look good based on that 2 min. trailer. I'm just sort of mystified as to how this is going to be a PG-13 movie. This looks like it deserves an R all the way. is innhat anyone (that enjoys horror films)
The Last Exorcism
What's funny about Romero's 'Dead' series is that it unintentionally mimics the decomposition of a corpse. Night: The original, the classic. The most freshly killed. It's a straight-up horror film; the satire is 'buried' deep. Dawn: Arguably superior to Night, but a very different animal than its predecessor, especially in terms of tone, as the humor and satire are much more overt in this classic follow-up to the landmark 'Night'. Day: A Tom Savini Special Make-Up FX extravaganza. It's a more claustraphobic film than 'Dawn'. It's good, but not great. And certainly not of the caliber of the first two entries. Although, compared to the following three films in the ongoing series, it certainly leans more in the direction of the first two than it does the following three. Land is good, but it's too cartoonish in tone. Diary is okay. The concept is better than the execution. And now 'Survival'. Well, based on the trailer, it certainly appears to be destined to be the weakest of the series (which Diary was before it, and Land was before Diary and Day was before Land). I mean, maybe it's just a poorly cut trailer, but it just looks poorly-acted, poorly-shot... and possibly poorly-conceived (I mean, Irish Hatfields and Mc Coys off the coast of Delaware?!?! What the f-ck?!?!)
George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead
Feature Trailer
lecomlaxer, Keep in mind that a 'teaser' trailer is intentionally designed to "not really say much." It's primary purpose is simply to announce it's existence; to create awareness.
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Teaser Trailer
It's WOULD'VE not would OF. It's a contraction of WOULD HAVE. Pick up a frackin' book and read why don'tcha? Oh, and that trailer most definitely kicks ass.
Hit Girl Red Band Trailer
Some people are funny in that they (sadly) take perverse satisfaction/joy in looking to find fault with or diminish things that should be embraced with enthusiasm. Anyone who has had the honor&pleasure of reading (and truly appreciating) Moore & Gibbons superlative, epic, groundbreaking maxi-series/graphic novel should rightfully be elated by the WATCHMEN teaser trailer. Could any of us have hoped in our wildest imaginings that there was even a chance of this "hallowed" work being cinematically rendered as faithfully as it now appears to be the case? I am astonished by and grateful for Mr. Snyder's obvious reverence for the source material. Would that motion picture executives were wise enough to ensure that all adaptations of beloved works were placed in the loving, caring, capable hands of filmmakers who were dedicated to TRANSLATING a work from one medium to another rather than embellishing or altering it. To sum up: all of you miserable bastards who (would) gleefully look to s(p)oil this triumphant first glimpse of what - against all odds - appears to be a worthy adaptation of one of the most celebrated works in the annals of illustrated fiction / graphic literature really need to submit to a little self-examinaton in order to gain some insight into just what it is that accounts for your tragically toxic 'tude. You can call me by the derisively-intended label of "fanboy" if you will/must, though it's an ill-fitting stereotype of a term that has by this point been so overused as to do no more than to mock the person who attempts to use it as a supposed insult.
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