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I sure as hell am not supposed to take the blatherings of a know-nothing (that would be you) seriously who doesn't have a clue as to what it is he's talking about. (If you were familiar with the books and the supporting character that Kravitz is playing, you'd know that it's by no means a horrible casting choice. So you've seen Battle Royale, welcome to the club. As much as I love BR, The Hunger Games trilogy presents a much richer story with MUCH more fully realized characters. Bottom line: the trailer is MAGNIFICENT. It gives fans of the books (of which I am most certainly one) complete confidence that the upcoming movie is going to be a faitfhful, competent adaptation. I for one, cannot wait.
The Hunger Games
Color me intrigued! This looks bad-ass.
The Divide
GodDAMN! This looks fucking AWESOME!!! Phantasm was a seminal cinematic event in my formative years. And I cannot wait for this film to be released! Woo hoo!!!!
John Dies at the End
REC was easily one of the best horror films of the last decade. REC 2 was completely ridiculous by comparisoin. I'm assuming that the 'GENESIS' subititle pegs this as a prequel. Here's hoping that this one is more in line with the terrifying original tha the over-the-top unintentionally comedic sequel.
[Rec] 3 Genesis
Teaser Trailer
This looks like it should be headed directly to home video. One of the worst trailers I can recall seeing in recent years.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
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