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Honestly, why does anyone actually need to go see the film now?
The Stepfather
Solid trailer. Didn't really get me any more fired up for the film but I'm already probably there opening weekend so that's not really a diss. It looks like Guy Ritchie is sticking to his roots which is a good thing. Still, who didn't think of Snatch when they saw the boxing footage? Nice to see Mark Strong getting more work.
Sherlock Holmes
She gets a lot of hate but I like Heigl in rom-coms and Gerard Butler has great comic timing. This should be good. That being said, the pacing in the trailer was a little odd. Liked the first one better.
The Ugly Truth
Trailer B
That seems odd especially since word was that the reshoots were focused on adding more of Ryan Reynolds's character. The movie still looks like it's going to have WAY too much going on.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Extended TV Spot
Except this killer isn't fisherman.
Sorority Row
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