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^^ love how one of my fellow teachers was watching this over my shoulder and asked 'expendables? who's in that?' i said 'the better question is, who ISN'T in it?' after a long day of teaching art history, i just love sitting back and watching stuff blow up XD
The Expendables 3
Teaser Trailer
hafta agree with ya there, cheese. the trailer was indeed very in-your-face. at first very quick cutscenes and metal music, then quiet piano, then violent again with bloody charlotte. excited to see this since i was a bit dissapointed with melancholia. didn't 'wow' me like anti-christ did. and i believe, if my high school rebellion ears dont deceive me that the metal song playing is rammstein 'fuhre mich' (lead me). its not very popular or heard of i think because it was a bonus song off their most recent album.
Red Band Trailer
I think I'm going to go with cheese on this one. The last movie I saw with amanda seyfried in it, unfortunately, was 'letters to juliet' and then 'gone'. i can't decide which sucked more. so i won't be seeing this one...or any other movie with seyfried in it for that matter.
International Trailer
seconded, Cheese. this looks beyond lame. and i saw both dream house and silent house and both were pretty predictable. i would add 'don't be afraid of the dark' with katie holmes (i never saw the movie but from the trailers...) because that was sorta a haunted house movie right?
House at the End of the Street
Totally agree with Cheese, Santa's tattoo's are freaking boss. He's one badass mofo. Except now everytime I hear a russian accent, i think of mickey rourke in iron man 2. 'der weel be blud in da wuter. and de sharks weel coom.' XD AH! AND JUDE LAW IS PITCH'S VOICE! thought i recognized his imperial evil-britishness.
Rise of the Guardians
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