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Looks funny. Makes you laugh cry and laugh at yourself for crying.
How To Be
Trailer B
Looks like a dumbed down version of hills have eyes meets wrong turn. Entertaining, but no blockbuster
Timber Falls
Looks Boring. John Leguizamo has\'t made a good movie since................................Spawn?
The Babysitters
Boring. Just one of those based on a true story bios. Let me guess serious movie+Hillary Swank= Oscar.
Looks good. You got all the good parts. Violence, Sexy Girls, two serial psychopaths, and Cops. Can\'t Fail.
Westbrick Murders
I can\'t wait to see this. It looks like it has more action than the first one. Tony Jaa left my jaw on the floor after the first one. Looks like he went balls out in this one.
Ong bak 2
Awsome!!! This looks like if Quentin had a hand in this. Lots of action, and lots of violence. Can\'t wait to see it.
Give 'em Hell, Malone
Promo Trailer
That Looks Awsome!! Reminds me of V-For Vendetta. Lots of action. I can\'t wait to see it.
Featurette - Behind the Scenes
Looks like a good vampyre movie. Interesting and original. Can\'t wait to see it.
Can\'t be worse than the lady in the water or the happening.
The Last Airbender
Teaser Trailer
It seems okay to watch. Hope it\'s good.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Trailer B
Quentin Tarantino+WWII=$$$$
Inglourious Basterds
Worth a peek.
Capitalism: A Love Story
Teaser Trailer
Awsome. A subtle comedy gem by the looks of it. Hopefully it can deliver what it promises.
Cold Souls
Looks like a very funny movie. Unique and creative to make people laugh.
World's Greatest Dad
Red Band Trailer
I like it, but it is confusing after the 1st part where he got his head shot off. Whatever works. Hope it\'s good.
Halloween II
TV Spot - Witness
Wow, Adventureland invaded by zombies. Hope it\'s as funny as other zombie parodies like Shawn of the Dead.
Looks good, but isn\'t the destruction of mankind an old idea?
Cool. Reminds me of 30 days of night. Can\'t wait to see it.
Teaser Trailer
Looks good. I hope it\'s better than the Prom Night Remake.
The Stepfather
Looks like another Mike Judge created another masterpiece. Work of Comedy art. Can\'t wait to see it.
Teaser Trailer
This looks creepy. It looks like it will leave you gripping your chair until the end.
Red Band Trailer
This looks like it will have you on the edge of your seat. Hopefully it is as gripping as the trailer.
Shutter Island
This look FUNNY! I can\'t wait to see it. If the movie is as funny as the trailer, then consider it to be GOLDEN!!!
Old Dogs
WOW!!! This loos like if A Clockwork Orange and Rock N Rolla had a baby. Meanwhile Undisputed and Fight Club had a baby. By some miracle those two babys met and F!@#ed. Bronson would be the love child.
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