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Looks cool. Funny, Clever, and highly entertaining. Can\'t wait to see it.
Sherlock Holmes
International Trailer
Awsome movie. A classic. Timeless. I can\'y wait for the special edition comming out.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Yeah!!! This looks good. Funny, and family friendly.
Despicable Me
Still too early to make proper judgement. Hope it\'s good.
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Teaser Trailer
A male fatal attraction. Nice!! Wolf Creek is awsome, hopefully this can continue the suspense.
Coffin Rock
International Trailer
They should have kept this scene!!! It showed how even old superheroes won\'t go down easy.
Deleted Scene - Hollis Mason's Death
Interesting. A funny action film. Good Combo.
Looks good. Reminds me of 28 days later.
This looks like those kind of films that are overlooked. This looks good. Most horror flicks in the theaters suck, it would be nice to see one like this on the big screen.
Left Bank (Linkeroever)
Nice. looks alright. Hopefully it is one of those sleeper hits.
Killing Ariel
This looks awsome!!! Original, funny, and crude. The cast is extremely funny. Judd Aptow has done it again.
Funny People
Red Band Trailer
HELLS YEAH!!!! This looks like it has more action than the original. I was hoping there would be a sequel. Next Generation of action.
District B13 Ultimatum
French Trailer
Excellent! this looks like a good movie1
The Salton Sea
Hells Yeah!!!!!! This looks awsome, full of in your face action, nudity, and more action. I\'m there.
Black Dynamite
Red Band Trailer
WOW!! This look intense. Terry Gilliam always makes awsomely weird movies. This may be his best movie to date. I can\'t wait.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Teaser Trailer
YES!!! Fierce, in your face horror. Jigsaw has a new name.
The Collector
Red Band Trailer
Nice! Looks good. Interesting premise. Worth a look.
The Covenant: Brotherhood of Evil
Aswome!! Looks like a good space movie. Creepier than Sunshine, but more along the lines of Event Horizon and Aliens.
Feature Trailer
Hell Yeah!!!! Paton Oswalt is extremely funny. I can\'t wait.
Big Fan
This looks funny!! I can\'t wait for it to come out. I haven\'t seen Winona in a while, but looks good.
Sex and Death 101
Red Band Trailer
Creepy, Disturbing, and original. I can\'t wait to see this.
Nice. A female Dameon. Good work in making children even more creepy.
I Know What You Did Last Sorority Row??? maybe worth a look.
Sorority Row
Keep a good thing going. The first look on HBO is awsome. Can\'t wait
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
HBO First Look Part I
WOW!! Looks like it will capture the true face of war.
The Hurt Locker
Opening Sequence
Looks good in more ways than one. Can\'t wait.
Jennifer's Body
Red Band Trailer
Funny! The best movie Hayden Panettiere has done so far. Can\'t wait.
I Love You Beth Cooper
Awsomely funny. Reminds me of Guy Richie films.
High Life
WOW!!! This looks intense. Maybe U.S. is catching up to the horror genre. If this film can deliver consider it to be the evolution of horror movies.
Red Band Trailer
Looks good. A stretch, but good. I\'ll just wait for it on dvd.
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