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Just keeps getting better!!!
Red Band Trailer
Nice concept. Looks good. Can\'t wait. A good suspense movie meets a good drama. Nice balance.
The Lovely Bones
I have been visually bitch slapped by beautiful women. I want to see this movie.
Bitch Slap
Feel Good movie, probably boring. The only upside is Sandra Bullock is looking hot!!
The Blind Side
It\'s a good movie. Not super, but preety cool. Cool concept and good acting.
Strange Days
Teaser Trailer
Good movie.
With a name like Nightmare it better deliver. Looks good, but looks could be deceiving.
This is extremely Funny!!! Shawn of the Dead meets Severence meets Flight of the Conchords. Both Iconic movies and a very funny show. Finally a movie with a twisted sense of humor to keep me shaking from both laughter and awkwardness.
Diagnosis Death
Freaky!!If this is a taste of things to come, then I would like seconds.
Trailer B
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
Red Band Trailer B
Looks Okay.
Tron Legacy
Comic Con Trailer
BAD ASS!!! I thought the Teaser was awsome.
Ninja Assassin
Looks Good.
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Comic Con Clip 2
Looks good. I would have thought it would have been a horrorfest movie.
Laid to Rest
Teaser Trailer - Comic Con
Killer Concept!!! I love it. Can\'t wait to see it.
How to Be a Serial Killer
NICE!!! Looks like a good movie. Action up the ass. Can\'t wait.
The Book of Eli
Been looking foward to this film for a while now. This looks awsome.
The Horde
Teaser Trailer
Russian Roulette with people. Nice. I hope it can live up to the hype. I can\'t watch many more sequels without saying that it\'s stupid.
Saw VI
Red Band Clip - Carousel
Looks Okay, but I expected the mad hatter to be a lot more on the mad side. Worth a look.
Alice in Wonderland
Teaser Trailer
OH YEAH!!! Two thumbs up. This looks like a ride to darkness and back. Revenge is sweet when properly done and this movie does it well.
A better glipse of the horror to come.
The Collector
Red Band Trailer B
Not Bad. Can\'t Wait.
Under the Mountain
International Trailer
Looks okay. Maybe even better than some that get released to theaters.
The Steam Experiment
WTF!!! How did this movie ever get made???
The Halfway House
Awkward comedy. Reminds me of Napolian Dynamite.
Mystery Team
Trailer B
Nice!! Looks like a good revenge story. Can\'t wait.
International Trailer
alright i guess.
I Sell the Dead
I love this movie. This looks extremely funny. Jim really played the part of a gay guy.
I Love You Phillip Morris
French Trailer B
Looks good. Straight to DVD Gem.
No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker
Red Band Trailer
This movie is awsome. Danny Mc Bride is extremely funny. Very original. If you like Danny Mc Bride watch this movie. Also check out HBO\'s Eastbound and Down.
The Foot Fist Way
Red Band Trailer
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