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So because all laws are suspended for one night everybody suddenly becomes a law abiding upstanding citizen the rest of the year? That is the most retarded concept for a movie ever.
The Purge
I"ve had enough of these mother#@!$ing ghosts on this mother#@!$ing plane. lol Now this is how you do horror. Take two terrifying experiences and smash"em together. Its nice to finally see a different take on a ghost story if thats whats going on. Don't know bout you guys but i"m gettin tired of the same"ol haunted house routine.
Why don't people see what Tarsem is going for. Its ovious he's basing the world and the mood of the movie on the original Snow White movie from disney. If it seems cartoony and made for kids maybe thats because its based on a cartoon that was made for kids.I think he made this movie for fans of the old disney film that wanted a live action version of that. I wouldn't be surprised to see a song and dance number featuring anthropomorphic animals. So please stop talking crap about his film just because he didn't use the usual hollywood method of bastardizing the source material until it's unrecognizable. While some films pull this off like Alice in Wonderland there are others that fall flat like dragon ball. Instead he went with an adaptation that keeps the feel of the original intact. Whith this film you know what your gonna get and with the other it's a gamble. I for one am looking forward to seeing both films.
Mirror Mirror
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