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adam sandler's movies are in a class of their own and i think you either love him or you hate him, he isn't for everyone, and i get that, but i do like his films, and to cheese yes he can act reign over me, was a great movie, and his acting showed through in that more serious film. looks like a good laugh. so many serious films out these days it's good to have a bit of over the top films.
That's My Boy
Red Band Trailer
i'm still on the fence with this one. i already know the story. what ever way you tell the start of spiderman he always turns into spiderman it's about time they did a spiderman who was mature and already in full swing, why do they always have to do reboots and not a movie about them being at the top of their game.
The Amazing Spider-Man
Feature Trailer
it looks action packed and thats what you want for this franchise, and i'm not sure why your saying this about bruce willis i think he's done some great comic films as of late which i've enjoyed, and the rock has become a great actor.
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
Super Bowl TV Spot
why in alot of trailers these days so all the good bits, i mean by the time they've put all the trailers they want to put out you pretty much know the story and have seen the best bits, i mean that clip shows a whole lot of it and the final confrontation. looks good but how much have they give away, is it to much or just right.
Final Trailer
straight to dvd, it looks like an interesting story, hairyman have you seen abduction it's about a teenage lad finding out it wasn't his real family and they get shot and he goes on the run, lol this is a bit different it has good actors in it and it looks like a good set up.
The Cold Light of Day
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