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I liked the nod to Seven John Doe has the upper hand!!!
Red Band Trailer
These movies suck... But you won't find a movie with cooler cars!
Fast & Furious 6
'69 Cougar!
The ABCs of Death
Red Band Trailer
That might not be Bruce in the movie but i love the cameo of his car in the woods!
Evil Dead
Red Band Trailer
Brolin does a pretty good jones...
Men in Black III
revolvers don't have saftys... otherwise looks pretty funny...
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Red Band Trailer
interesting twist on an old concept!
Dream House
dog shit... the other trilogy is still fresh, and struck me with more style and comic book revelance... this looks like a chunk of poop...
The Amazing Spider-Man
did i just see Portman in a T-back, Holla!!!!
Your Highness
Red Band Trailer
yeah wow... they just showed everything i needed to see. i may even watch it again!
Red Band Trailer
maybe i'm the only one who thinks this looks rather perdictable and dumb... maybe he did it cause he never gets to play leads? but then theres machete... i don't get it.
Danny Trejo's Vengeance
Red Band Teaser Trailer
oh, it looks amazing!
Teaser Trailer
That looks COOL!!!
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Video Game Trailer
Expendables has an extensive and impressive cast but does not look like a great movie, not that it can't be good. this looks like a bit of fresh air and i can't wait to see it
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
International Trailer
yeah the mcadams ass shot was intense in this trailer... nice!
Morning Glory
not really sold on this one but it truly looks like Cruise plays a really cool character here!
Knight and Day
Feature International Trailer
yeah i'll watch machete... why would i waste my time on this handy cam crap... trejo could be making a comeback but instead he's making low budget crap... the best i'v seen in low budget violence is "give' em hell malone."
Danny Trejo's Vengeance
Teaser Trailer
i wouldn't call the "World" a democracy either... i don't think anyone else would accuse it of being one...
Robin Hood
oh, so this isn't a remake? they shouldn't have stole the name in case they wanted to do a true remake of "clash of the titans" which is one of my favorties for that style of movie...
Clash of the Titans
if it's as good as the notebook it will be another sucky film... and chuckT, tatum couldn't shine Robert DeNiro's shoes... with all the good movies comeing out why should this be considered... unless your 16 and female or a 16 year old male trying to lay down a 16 year old female this is a waste!
Dear John
how can such a crappy looking movie have so many comments... i think megan fox is pretty hot to but thats no reason to put your self through all that to see her...
Jennifer's Body
Red Band Trailer
hmmm... not what i thought, looks good!
Big Fan
i say crap... though i do like alot of the cast... subject matter is uninteresting in my opinion...
The Invention of Lying
shes hot in german
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
German Clip: Chop Shop
thats i hit for that chick... so it's not a joke for her... anyways... nice tits nice ass, needs to get a new face
Dead Snow
Music Video - Linni Meister 'My Ass' (Uncensored)
even if i couldn't help the kid...
Powder Blue
He Blinked
she fucking hot... that is all...
Powder Blue
Stripper Workout
doesn\'t look like it\'s following the book...
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Teaser Trailer
i think it looks really good... anyone catch the stolen Dogma joke? \"will you quit leering at me people are going to think i just broke up with you.\" Dogma
Funny People
come on... these movies really arn\'t that good... paul walker sucks more than half the time... diesel plays a good character but never gets a really good role... what makes these movies is the cars... thats why i watched the first two... i skiped the third we\'ll see about this one
Fast & Furious
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