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@sequel2 I am one of those men that most likely will! This is going to be epic!
The Dark Knight Rises
Featurette - Extended Inside Look
I almost shed a tear! IM STOKED!!!! 15 more hours!!!! bring it!!
The Dark Knight Rises
Journey Trailer
Im there! looks promising!
Red Band Trailer
lol (im not a girl) im sooooo excited for this masterpiece i know Nolan has prepared for us! Could this be the first trilogy that actually has a sequel better than its predecessor!?!? looks like a great candidate to me!!!!!! JULY 20th!!! BRING IT!!!!!!!!!
The Dark Knight Rises
Nokia Trailer
I dont like to judge films based on their trailers but i like to see JLaw's acting flexiblity when it comes to genres. I give her that much for taking on something different. As a horror fan ill be catching this one. Originality? Not so sure. Performances? i think it'll do ok. Cheers!
House at the End of the Street
looks great!! i must confess its movies like this one that keep me from moving on with childrens movies! Especially the ones that have good fun entertainment for the kids and the dramatic, emotional touch for the adults! looks pretty epic! also, did anyone notice at 1:54.. is that avatar?? ;P cheers!
Rise of the Guardians
Wow this looks amazing. This is what you call a real sci-fi film. And to top it all off Michael Fassbender is in it. I know he'll gives us all a great performance! Cant wait for this one!
Feature Trailer
i cant wait! this is what you call a sci-fi film. @unclejoe89 just refresh the page. most of the time thats all it needs. ;D
Trailer B
this looks like its gona be funny. and as much garbage it may seem im pretty sure people will pay to see this. sadly i might be one of them. "might"
Piranha 3DD
Red Band Trailer
got the chills! is gona be great! Bring it!!!
The Avengers
Feature Trailer
ill pass...
4:44 Last Day on Earth
@jerff are you serious??? This doesnt resemble Insidious at all! However it seems alright. Nothing really special about. Still could go catch it for some scares. Cant judge it but it doesnt seem like a movie that will be recognized greatly by critics. I dont know im a bit iffy.
Feature Trailer
that was my face at the end of the trailer. and to top it all off... "Are you a Patriot or a Vampire" i was just like.. uhhh...
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
its gona be good. Disney usually never fails to give an entertaining flik!
John Carter
Our World Trailer
im there! still dont want to judge this but from the way things are looking it seems its gona be a pretty fun spidey flick! However, it doesnt top my excitement for the caped crusader this summer (Nothing has so far) ;)
The Amazing Spider-Man
Feature Trailer
Im having high hopes for this series. Hopefully it pulls through!
The Hunger Games
Feature Trailer
ill watch it! looks better than "playback"! horror is my prefered genre and there are plenty of films that fail to give fans what they want. but i liked the grudge so im hoping for a decent horror flick. its still to early for judgment. we'll see when it comes out!
I just cant get enough of this trailer!! Batman Begins was great! The Dark Knight was AMAZING! Doesnt get old! (Ive rewatched it over four times in the past week lol) The Dark Knight Rises is gona be the cherry on top! I have faith in both Nolan and Tom Hardy! I know for a fact that what ever Hardy will do with Bane is gona be great! And of course Nolan, well Nolan is a great director! I CANT WAIT!!! Oh and also I believe Anne Hathaway is gona pull it off just great!! AHHH July, please come now!!!
The Dark Knight Rises
i agree with Cole S-G. it was going good up until it said "once you get caught in his lens... You're Captured" no thanks ill pass.
OHHHHHH MYYYY GOSHH!!!!!! had a slight orgy there!!! seems more in depth to the story! i think some of our questions will be answered here!!!!!!! oh n one more thing, MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ!!!!!!!!
Resident Evil: Retribution
Its intrigung, Sure, why not!
Moonrise Kingdom
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