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@sequel2 I am one of those men that most likely will! This is going to be epic!
The Dark Knight Rises
Featurette - Extended Inside Look
I almost shed a tear! IM STOKED!!!! 15 more hours!!!! bring it!!
The Dark Knight Rises
Journey Trailer
Im there! looks promising!
Red Band Trailer
lol (im not a girl) im sooooo excited for this masterpiece i know Nolan has prepared for us! Could this be the first trilogy that actually has a sequel better than its predecessor!?!? looks like a great candidate to me!!!!!! JULY 20th!!! BRING IT!!!!!!!!!
The Dark Knight Rises
Nokia Trailer
I dont like to judge films based on their trailers but i like to see JLaw's acting flexiblity when it comes to genres. I give her that much for taking on something different. As a horror fan ill be catching this one. Originality? Not so sure. Performances? i think it'll do ok. Cheers!
House at the End of the Street
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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Neighbors - Theatrical Trailer
Welcome to Yesterday - Trailer
22 Jump Street - Red Band Trailer
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