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Oh yeah I always confuse that last samurai fag with this idiot that plays roshi they're both gay actually though so I guess it matters little. P.S. Bulma is damned sexy
Dragonball Evolution
Teaser Trailer
Well I am Goku and I say awww come on guys I think it's kind of funny.... just like when they made a movie about us all fighting cell. But if you want another opinion here is my buddy Patrick. Patrick: Hey thanks Goku, well I agree with all of you who are not retarded in other words , this movie is going to suck, and not just cause they made my bro Goku be a white guy, its just well cause every damn character is screwed up. Plus am I the only one who thinks that lazy eyed douche of a samurai from last samurai is gay. Well in case you didn't know he is, hell make Roshi an old white guy for all I care, Make Goku a white guy? Sure as long as he actually looks like Goku. I mean comeon asians do not look anything like Goku sorry but big eyes and light skin are not common traits in asians last I checked, except for me that is, yes I am asian so all you people who are gonna say something about that just be jealous that I am the only one that is asian and has a huge c#ck too. But to close yes this movie will be gay gayer that richard simmons, gayer than hillcrest, CA, or San Fran for you inlanders, Gayer than well if you invent a gay machine that produces things that are Gay and you turn the gay knob all the way up to maximum gayness, this movie will be a super saiyagay version of that. Bulma looks kind of hot though. Anything to add Goku ? Goku: ummm can we eat now ? Patrick: But what about this gay movie isn't there anything we can do ? Goku: oh yeah what about Vegeta? Vegeta: Let them make it, I'll just destroy them.. Patrick: Ok but not Bulma I'm gonna hit that later..
Dragonball Evolution
Teaser Trailer
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