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It looked ok for a second until I saw this is an Adam Sandler movie. I seriously can't stand the guy, over-rated and extremely unfunny, he's the same in every movie.
That's My Boy
Red Band Trailer
The best trailer yet...and now I'm stoked to see this. I saw the Hulk save Ironman, the big green guy cares...he really care. /sniffle
The Avengers
Feature Trailer
Oh yeah baby, great franchise. Creepy and disturbing. Can't wait to see this.
[Rec] 3 Genesis
International Trailer
Just like the zombies this sub-par franchise just won't die. I love zombie movies and the first one in this series was ok, but each one just keeps getting worse and worse. Too bad a better director couldn't do a re-boot of the Resident Evil.
Resident Evil: Retribution
Is it possible to have a movie franchise (trilogy) where each successive movie is better than the first one? Yes, I think we might have a winner here...
The Dark Knight Rises
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