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Anyone that goes to watch this movie is doing so purely based on the fantasy of this whole situation. The ability to plunge yourself into this scenario. Truth is ONLY way a party kicks off like THIS is if heavy drug use is involved.....LOL,.
Project X
Feature Trailer
Can't wait to see this. This looks like a non stop action movie stuffed with more action encased in even more action. I'm surprosed stallone isn't in it.
The Raid: Redemption
International Red Band Trailer
Druiz77 are you serious or is that the best chunk of sarcasm i've ever seen? This is yet another living testament to the the director's, studio's and writer's failings in regards to what could've been the best survival horror franchise next to G Romero's " " dead series. Most of the residet evil games were SOOOO good and they tainted them by giving people super powers, introducing completely unneeded characters, stupid plot twists which effectively turned this into a sci-fi orignal movie with a larger budget and overpaid actors. I had faith that they may have been able to turn it around but the 3D tagline and fall release means even they have less faith in the movie than I do or else it would've been released for summer.
Resident Evil: Retribution
Love neeson. First Darkman....hiatus then he xploded back withTaken, then it's lesser half brother Unknown and now this bad boy. I can watch Taken anytime and still enjoy it. This movie looks like it can take that spot easily. Not many older guys can play the role of badass and not make the movie seem all geriatric and cheesy. Liam Neeson will be doing action movie for at least another 10 years easily.
The Grey
Feature Trailer
Ok so ilet's go through the scary movie/slasher checklist - Young people on a random vacation to some unknown place off the grid(I mean jeesh what's wrong with a 7 day cruise) - At least one of the male/female leads will have dated at one point but are split up now. She/he's possibly with another member of the group now - At least one member of the group "Has bad feelings" about everything long before everyone else does and generally sees the "writing on the wall" - Cue old towny creepy old guy that works at either a convenience store, gas station or a convenience store in a gas station that will give firm warning NOT to go wherever they're going, knowing they'll go anyway. - Old timey creepy guy is either in on the evil plot or appears somehow later in the film to help while getting killed himself. - Vehicle WILL break down or have some sort of damage done to it rendering it undrivable which will lead into my next point...... - Gratiutous running and chase scenes at night on foot since iby the title it's obviously set in the woods. - One person, normally the alpha male of the group will be in extreme denial that something bad is actually happening to them until a body shows up. either because he is too drunk or too stubborn or both. Am I in the ballpark on this one?
The Cabin in the Woods
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