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I agree with the 3D comment. I thought this was going to be worse. It actually looks fairly funny.
Friends With Benefits
Red Band Trailer
I barely made it through the triailer. This looks TERRIBLE!
Gulliver's Travels
Feature Trailer
I am sometimes amazed at what movies my wife has not seen. Tron being one of them.
Tron Legacy
Music Video - Derezzed
I was expecting less. This doens't look too bad. I think the idea of a new generation of Scream for the new generation of horror seems like a natural step.
Scream 4
I think this looks great! I wish it came out sooner.
Looks good enough. Looks kind of like Duplicity.
The Tourist
Trailer B
I like it. Looks fantastic!
127 Hours
Feature Trailer
I couldn't wait to see this preview. Worth the wait.
True Grit
The preview sounded like a TV movie. It looks decent though. We'll see
Independence Day 2K10. I'll still it.
Feature Trailer
Timothy Dalton!!!!
The Tourist
Too good to be true. This looks great!
I gave up on this series 20 minutes into the third part. Hopefully, this is the last installment. If only Paranormal Activity ends on 2....
Saw 3D
Well done trailer. I am looking forward to this movie.
127 Hours
I couldn't agree more! Love the Andrew WK. Count me in. Got my ticket to the Midnight showing!
The Expendables
Call to Arms Trailer
Oh yeah. I like it!
Teaser Trailer
About time! That looks great!
Feature Trailer
This has to be better than the last time they met. It looks alright, but so did The Score...
It is about time that Dwayne Johnson embraced what he is. This movie looks to be awesome. I might see this over Harry Potter. Ok, I will, but that is because I can't stand a bunch of screaming little kids.
Teaser Trailer
Do I need to say more? I hate Twilight and pretty much everyone and everthing that has to do with it. Despite Kristen Stewart being in this, I really want to see this. This looks to be great.
Welcome to the Rileys
It was innevitable. This looks funny, but not quite The Hangover caliber.
Due Date
Very, very average. Does not look inspired. Dominic West needs to look for another TV show to go to. His films have not done well.
Link to the Shinedown Song (Complete) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV0bM6_TYvc
The Expendables
Trailer B
I don't know why, but I really want to see this.
Operation: Endgame
Red Band Trailer
I didn't care for the original. I thought the ending was bad. This looks ri-donk-ulous!
Paranormal Activity 2
Teaser Trailer
Intrigued for sure. I like Westerns, if you want to call this that. But it does seem like it could be fun.
This looks pretty good. I hope it not another bomb. I will wait and see.
This looks pretty bad. I am not familiar with the original show, but this looks terrible. I cannot believe that Bruce Lee would be happy with this.
The Green Hornet
Mortal Kombat: Rebirth
Short Film
That made me laugh!
The Expendables
Japanese Teaser Trailer
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