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I can't believe this is real...
The Man with the Iron Fists
Red Band Trailer
flabby is right about the feel. This has to be better than Australia. Right?
The Great Gatsby
I cannot wait. The anticipation I have for this film is at an unsafe level.
Teaser Trailer
It is a pretty funny play. Give it a read...
Killer Joe
I was not a fan of Paranormal Activity, but this looks way better. I might give it a watch.
Chernobyl Diaries
Under any other name, I would be semi-excited to see this. But, it is called Battleship. And this is nothing like the game I play, on a table, with plastic boats and pegs.
Theatrical Trailer
I don't know why this wasn't on the front page. This movie looks good...
Friends with Kids
Does he get any lines of dialog? I don't think he has had one in any of the teasers or trailers.
The Avengers
Feature Trailer
This just does not look good. I don't know why it looks so bad, or why Bruce Willis is making such a mockery of his career.
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
Super Bowl TV Spot
We have a Hulk. Awesome. MORE HAWKEYE!
The Avengers
Super Bowl Spot (Extended)
The only reason this is not going straight to DVD where it belongs is because Henry Cavill is the next Superman. This looks like Abduction all over again...
The Cold Light of Day
This looks the same as John Carpenter's Escape From New York/L.A. films. But, I will still see it.
From the director of Cocktail? No kidding...
Seeking Justice
I saw this at the St Louis International Film Festival and thought it was enjoyable. The Q&A after with writer/director Jay Duplass was interesting and informative. He seems like a nice down to Earrth guy.
Jeff, Who Lives at Home
His finest performance since The Pianist? Really? What else has he done that has been worth a damn?
Feature Trailer
I am at least interested in this movie, but I do not have high hopes for it.
Casa de mi Padre
Theatrical Trailer
About effing time!
The Expendables 2
Teaser Trailer
The first was a disaster, but this looks better.
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
I think this will be better than the second one, but nothing will top the first.
Men in Black III
This looks terrible. What's next? Twister? Hi-Ho-Cherry-O?
Feature Trailer
That looks bad. I was waiting for the "From the writers of Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve"
What to Expect When You're Expecting
I liked Segel, but he is starting to grate on my nerves. This trailer looks like they told me the whole story already. Why would I go watch it now?
The Five-Year Engagement
This looks awful.
The Three Stooges
Pass. I will catch this out of the Redbox when I get a free code from going to McD's.
The Darkest Hour
Trailer B
Looks like a great January release!
The Grey
Feature Trailer
I agree with Ahsan, this looks dumb. I cannot believe how much like Cowboys & Aliens this looks. I will pass. Disney has missed again *cough*Sorceror's Apprentice*cough*
John Carter
Feature Trailer
Amanda Seyfried is gorgreous. This movie looks kinda dumb, but I will see it just for her.
DeNiro is due for something good, right?
Being Flynn
Don't let the release date fool you. Every year, the start of "summer" backs up one more week. I just hope it meets Lionsgate's expectations so thiey will make the whole trilogy. I would hate for another repeat of the Golden Compass.
The Hunger Games
I saw this movie over the weekend at SLIFF. It was great. The driector was there, and he seemed like a cool, down to Earth guy.
Red Band Trailer
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