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Tara B.
This looks NOT FUN from beginning to end. It could be an interesting character study if it wasn't for two facts. 1. This "People become frayed and crazy and self distruct under the lose of civilization" thing is SOOOOO tiresome. and 2. These characters don't look interesting. Again-some random group of nobodies under a microscope. (YAWN) Give me M.I.T. students in a bunker and it might actually be interesting due to the fact that they would be smart, problem solving frayed crazies.
The Divide
You know what. Your all correct in your reaction to my post. Re -reading it (probably should have done that before posting) my point is dull. Sorry. I just am frusterated that there are so many great projects that don't have green lights because of all the "Re-dos" of stuff that has been proven successful already. I'm sure this will not suck by it's own right but I'm getting bored with the do-overs when stuff like Whedon's "Cabin In The Woods" is still sitting on a shelf somewhere. Does that justify the rant a bit ?
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Feature Trailer
Giggled through the trailer. I will see this and I will enjoy it because it is so bad it's entertaining. Kristen Stewart is SUCH a TURD. She plays with her hair constantly. There could be a drinking game around this tick of hers. I was stupid enough to read the books. I felt like Charlie Brown after Lucy pulls the football after every book. Ms. Meyer can laugh all the way to the bank but she is no talent of merit. The fact this is a jaugernaut is primarily because Robert Pattinson IS well cast and intriguing. Good for him. I respect his ability to deliver some of the WORST dialogue EVER with out laughing. He will survive this mess. I'll cut him some slack ... but what a hot mess! CAN'T WAIT. :)
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Theatrical Trailer
Next hollywood can redo ,say, Pirates of the Carribean starring someone else as Jack Sparrow because once a role is brillantly cast and performed the perfectly good first version should be immediatly redone for NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.. Read the subtitles and swallow the "Real" Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This version is as unneccesary as it is insulting.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Feature Trailer
"A vicious pack of rogue wolves" LO F"in L! Do people really still think wolves are monsters. When was this filmed?- 1812! Ooooh. Social, emotional, intelligent OMNIVORES (shut-Up...yes they are. they eat apples and berries and grass just like many doggies do) are SOOOOO Scary! Actually, rig workers getting offed by nature sounds quite uplifting to me. This may be the "feel good movie" of the year.
The Grey
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