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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
The Dark Knight Rises
great looking movie
Killer Elite
Red Band Trailer
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html \"The premise: ...Uhmm.. well.. it\'s fucking Spider-Man. You have Peter Parker, a mild-mannered teenager / twenty something / middle aged - student / scientist / teacher, who fights crime after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Not much else to it. Oh! Except that absolutely nothing ever goes his way. He\'s just a terrible magnet.. and I don\'t mean that in the way that Peter Parker is terrible at being a magnet, he\'s actually pretty good at it. I mean it in the way that he attracts terrible like Sarah Palin attracts crazy white women. In a classic beginning to any great story, we see our hero as a young child.. still new and unwise in the ways of the world. His parents leaving him for \"just a little while.\" A little while, indeed. Much the same way that Harry Potter, or even better, Star Wars did, (Spider-man did it first.. and even though Spider-man did it before either, for the sake of the joke, we\'ll ignore that) we have a child left in the care of his Aunt and Uncle. This always turns out well (amiright?). I am assuming that the director chose not to show the deleted scene where Voldemort kills Peter Parker\'s parents, and leaves that to the imaginations of the wide eyed masses. In a transition that I hope they use in the movie, there\'s a reflection in a window, we see little Parker staring at nothing in particular and then turn into that guy who didn\'t know how to use Facebook, but was co-responsible for Facebook in that Facebook movie about Facebook (Andrew Garfield). He seems like he\'s going to be a fish out of water, but he looks like the coolest kid in the school, so I assume Flash Thompson is going to be a pro wrestler, or I\'m just not buying Andrew Garfield as the bookish, super smart Peter Parker. The trailer then takes us to the Gwen Stacy\'s. I like pretending that Gwen Stacy is actually named Gwendolyn Gwendy Gwen Stacy, and that \"Gwen Stacy\" is her last name and people call her that because it\'s more chummy and familial. Right, din-din with the Stacys.. I am assuming, as no one at the dinner table knows who Peter Parker is or what he does except Gwen Stacy. Good ol\' G.S. is played by Emma Stone, who is back to blonde instead of Superbad red, but that\'s more than ok because she still looks good. (I assume you\'re not supposed to mention Emma Stone in a review and not mention how good she looks. Because she does. Look good.) There seems to be an importance placed on a dusty old doctor-looking bag, as they show it off in the trailer as an important link to Peter\'s father.. but Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen, who\'s not a dusty old bag, I love this guy) forgot he had it! Which seems kind of like a gross oversight as they kind of make it seem like he\'s been parent-less for 10 years and a memoir of his father should have come up at some point in the past decade. Also, (SPOILER ALERT) this will probably be the reason Peter allows him to be killed later. \"With great power comes great responsibility.. and with your brother in law\'s duffel bag comes \'Fuck Peter Parker.\'\" But then they don\'t show us anything except a pager, an old photo and Peter looking sullen, so I guess it wasn\'t THAT important. Spontaneously, in a bout of reverse super powers, Peter starts sporting his glasses instead of what I assume were contacts, and runs into Gwen Stacy at the lab. Which lab? only THE lab. Only the lab with all the genetically enhanced super animals.. rhinos, scorpions, sand people, electricians.. oh and Rhys Fucking Ifans (probably his real middle name.. further investigation needed) as Curt Connors. Sorry, I mean DOCTOR Curt Connors. Gwen Stacy tells Peter to not get her into trouble, so what does he do? This guy runs around like a mo\' (as in moron), going into places that look like rejected ideas for Cerebro from X-Men, covered in cobwebs, and then gets himself all bit up by a mutant spider with super powers for venom. At this point, Peter looks like he\'s having a bad day. He becomes a freak in every sense of the word: He goes back to not having glasses. He has spiderwebs growing out of his neck. He hangs out in dark alleys. He climbs and bounces off of walls like he\'s Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle in District B13 part 3. He catches flies and blows off questions from Norma Rae herself, Sally Field (Aunt May). Oh and in a final shot of his tomfoolery, he\'s chillaxing on the ceiling in a subway car. Which is probably fine, because that is actually the most inconspicuous place to be a freak in (I lived in the Bronx for a week, I think that makes me an expert). There is a quick cut to Gwen Stacy in a \"Truffaut-ian\" (yeah, i make up words, what of it?) shot holding an umbrella, staring into the sky. Cut equally quick to a shot of Peter and Dr. Connors getting ready to \"play god.\" At this point I get chills because I know how awesome Rhys Ifans is at being crazy. (see: Formula 51) There is a hint at the coming romance between Gwen and Peter, but it\'s a split second of what looks to be one of them consoling the other. Probably Peter, because he likes to whine. And then a relatively ripped Peter Parker sewing up what we can only assume is going to be THE suit. Oh, by the way, he must be a master of blind-hem stitching because that thing we see in the trailers and promo shoots is tight as fuck in regards to its craftsmanship. So, I\'m adding sewing to the list of things Spider-man can do well: he can jump, react to danger, have super strength, and is a pin-tucking genius. (look it up, it\'s a thing) After the sewing bee, we are treated to cars flying through the air on a freeway. I assume the Lizard is at play here. Yeah, if the Lizard knows one thing, it\'s how to regrow body parts. And if it\'s 2 things, he knows how to throw a car. We are then given a sneak peak at Mirror\'s Edge 2: Spider-man. If this isn\'t footage from the upcoming parkour based Spider-man game, I am disappointed. Based entirely on the footage in the trailer, it is either that, or another \"attempt\" at pleasing the 3d loving masses. Did I say \"pleasing\"? I meant \"pandering.\" Either way, I\'ve seen good and bad first person in movies, and I\'ve seen good and bad first person in video games. This looks like a combo of good from video games and bad from movies. This is also the only part of the trailer that made me cringe. The rest of it was AMAZING! (pun intended) It felt like they built up the trailer for this moment with the goose-bump-promising final line, \"We all have secrets, the ones we keep.. and the ones that are kept from us.\" And oh my God, if Garfield\'s delivery doesn\'t give you goosebumps, you are either dead, or you may have accidentally had your eyes open during that first person running sequence that led up to it. Go ahead, go back and watch that part again with your eyes closed. I\'ll wait. ...I know, right?! Goosebumps! Is The Amazing Spider-man a necessary reboot? Not at all. But hey, they did it. It\'s done. I mean, The Hulk was so god-awfully slow, and filled with WTF?! moments (monster poodle? And I know there was a story arc about hulk dogs in the comics, but that doesn\'t mean use it!) that people couldn\'t praise Jennifer Connolly for being great as Betty. So, it got an unnecessary remake, luckily it was a nice example of the unnecessary remake that was for the best. It just sucks Ed Norton can\'t play well with others. His loss, Mark Ruffalo\'s gain. Or, and I\'m saying it, I don\'t care if Hugh Jackman was in it as Wolverine, I am calling it a reboot.. but the X-Men got an unnecessary reboot as well with Saved by the Bell: the New Class.. almost right after Wolverine Origins and less than 5 years after X3. This time, despite the amazing efforts of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, this unnecessary reboot was just a complete letdown. So this Spider-man business could go either way. Now, is The Amazing Spider-man going to be a well done piece of cinema and entertainment? I\'m willing to bet my ten to thirteen dollars on it and check this out once or twice. Fingers crossed! Release Date: July 3, 2012\"
The Amazing Spider-Man
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html \"The last movie I\'m going to talk about is the mixed martial arts, dramatic romp, Warrior. It has a who\'s who of people who are people.. who are.. like.. you know.. from that thing: that guy who played young Uncle Owen in the Star Wars prequels, that British guy from Inception, Dr. Cameron from House, that one bald wrestler guy who won the Olympics, Shia Le Beouf\'s dad from Transformers, and that Colonel from Super 8.. and Nick Nolte.. plus a slew of MMA fighters, to be sure. The plot centers on a struggle between 2 brothers for the biggest prize in MMA history.. apparently. This, of course, takes a back burner to the underlying plot about how the 2 brothers are no longer on friendly terms. I think that one of them probably called the other one a name.. or stole the other\'s milk box.. something like that. But, as one is succeeding, the other comes up and they will inevitably have their big showdown ala every other sports movie ever. This doesn\'t look too bad, actually.. maybe a bit too dramatic for my theatrical tastes, but it promises to be about 250,000 times better than Never Back Down. I may wait til dvd/BluRay for this.. but if you like dramas in the thee-aiter, check it out\"
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html \"The last movie I\'m going to talk about is the mixed martial arts, dramatic romp, Warrior. It has a who\'s who of people who are people.. who are.. like.. you know.. from that thing: that guy who played young Uncle Owen in the Star Wars prequels, that British guy from Inception, Dr. Cameron from House, that one bald wrestler guy who won the Olympics, Shia Le Beouf\'s dad from Transformers, and that Colonel from Super 8.. and Nick Nolte.. plus a slew of MMA fighters, to be sure. The plot centers on a struggle between 2 brothers for the biggest prize in MMA history.. apparently. This, of course, takes a back burner to the underlying plot about how the 2 brothers are no longer on friendly terms. I think that one of them probably called the other one a name.. or stole the other\'s milk box.. something like that. But, as one is succeeding, the other comes up and they will inevitably have their big showdown ala every other sports movie ever. This doesn\'t look too bad, actually.. maybe a bit too dramatic for my theatrical tastes, but it promises to be about 250,000 times better than Never Back Down. I may wait til dvd/BluRay for this.. but if you like dramas in the thee-aiter, check it out\"
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "..Next up is Creature. Uhmm.. well.. no easy way to say this.. but this flick looks just like every other monster-in-the-woods movie ever!!! That being said, this actually doesn't look like it will be THAT bad. And THAT being said, it doesn't actually look that bad, but only if you actually enjoy cheesy horror movies. Just look at the Creature! It looks like a bad guy from the original Guyver live action movie! This B to B+ rated movie does have some potential, however. After all, another small horror movie called Hatchet, set in the Louisiana bayou, already had some success. Not to mention, there is a whole slew of other thrillers that call Louisiana home. It's just a good setting for this kind of movie: creepy woods, deadly swamps, dangerous animals, local flavor.. Oh and kudos go to whoever was in charge of deciding not to slap 3D onto this thing just because it's a campy horror movie. This just might be worth checking out."
Feature Trailer
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "If ever there was an ensemble cast worth watching in the last couple of years.. it would probably be the Expendables.. then Inception.. then the Town.. and then, maybe, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.. Part Alpha *and* Beta. But if there is another, it will be the movie, Contagion. It sports the likes of Matt "matt day-mon" Damon, Gwyneth "Country Strong" Paltrow, Laurence "hanging in there" Fishburne, Jude "Lightning" Law, Kate "the Monsoon" Winslet, Marion "the new Audrey Tautou" Cotillard, Bryan "Breaking Bad" Cranston, Enrico "Mathesar" Colantoni, Sanaa "Blade's Mom" Lathan, Jennifer "Miracle" Ehle, Elliott "Macaroni" Gould, and Demetri "This is a Nickname" Martin. (seriously.) Yeah, cast alone, this movie seems totally worth it. The plot even looks like it's going to be 2011's answer to Outbreak, except a global contagion. (OutbreakPlus?) So, why do I feel reservations about seeing this in the theater? Probably the same reasoning I couldn't bring myself to go to the theater to see some of the other dramas that Steven Soderbergh's been attached to: Traffic, Solaris, The Girlfriend Experience, Goodnight and Good Luck, The Jacket, A Scanner Darkly, Michael Clayton, etc. It's not that any of them are bad movies.. they're just soooooo daaaammmnnn sllooooooww.. If you can handle it, go and check it out!"
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "..Next is a film called Burke and Hare. This is an IFC movie that was in post production way back in March of 2010 and stars the always wonderful Simon Pegg and MoKap.. I mean Gollum.. I mean King Kong.. I mean the extremely talented Andy Serkis. Yeah, Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg. Oh.. and the supporting cast has one Daniel Aykroyd, a Tom Wilkinson, the super cute Isla Fisher, THE Tim Curry, and Count Dooku himself, Christopher Lee. The film centers around 2 body snatchers called.. you probably guessed it, though, I don't know how.. Burke and Hare. They're down on their luck, in need of some money and stumble onto a gold mine when they find out there is lots of bank to be made in selling dead bodies to local medical professors (Tom Wilkinson and Tim Curry). The trailer looks like it spirals out of control as they start *creating* the supply for the morbid demand. This is, unfortunately, one of those movies that will probably not make it to theater where I live, but if you get a chance to see this, I'm putting a lot of faith in it's ability to entertain. If you can, check this out!"
Burke and Hare
International Trailer
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star.. and I really hate to say this about a movie that Nick Swardson is in.. but this does not look like it's going to be worth a theater visit. Or paying for a rental. Or funny. Looks can be deceiving, and as I give every movie a chance (or at least attempt to), I will check this out at some point. It looks like Boogie Nights expelled man-juice into Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, the baby came out this year and then someone put a bowl-cut on it, slapped it on its ass, and sent it into the theater. The plot focuses on Bucky Larson finding out that his parents are former porn stars and decides to try his "hand" at the same biz that made his folks famous. With a cast of the usual zany Happy Madison guest stars, this *might* work.. maybe.. juuuuust maybe. If the jokes that are shown in the preview are not as funny as this film gets, this may have a chance. I can't think of a time that I haven't found Nick Swardson funny, but based entirely on the trailer, I have some serious doubts. Here's hoping the casting saves the day!"
Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "The premise: A rather clever tale of mixed signals and a comedy of errors. The signals in question, get crossed by two groups of stereotypes. On one hand you have your typical teenagers/twentysomethings running amok in the woods, getting themselves into a drug and alcohol fueled good time, no doubt. The other faction consists of two lovable hillbillies who found their dream home: a dilapidated cabin in the middle of the woods. When the two parties cross paths, hilarity and accidental violence ensue! We begin with a group of fun loving friends, who decide to go hang out in the woods because nothing spells fun like a bunch of camping and disrespecting nature by getting drunk, high and having unprotected sex. I assume these kids will be doing just that, because in every horror movie, there are like no less than 20 people who go camping but don't like camping, but they still go, and not one ever takes any safety precaution seriously. So, we have these kids driving up a lonely forest road and then get all paranoid when the only other car on the road is piloted by two very unkempt, dastardly looking horror movie cliches, played by Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. It doesn't help that when Tucker and Dale drive by, they're giving these kids the old up-down, and mugging hard. Of course, the egocentric little clique of friends are now convinced that they lasted more than even a split second in the minds of those two homely travellers. "Who wants to go skinny dipping?" A rather simple question, that seems to be answered by a day to night switch with either a blatant disregard for continuity, or a several hour time gap TBD in the film.. but it IS answered with a passive to enthusiastic, "YES!" The whole gang goes lemmings and all jump into the water, ready for their unencumbered, nudic, swim-a-thon to commence. Then we see Allison, played by the always striking Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock fame, shown running off by her onesy and stripping down partially in another part of the lake. This just happens to be Tucker and Dale's lucky day, as they are also shown in that area of the lake, and are treated to the show. They are fishing it up.. or lunar oaring.. or nocturnally sculling.. or night paddling.. or sleep rowing.. any number of activities could be the reasoning for their presence, however, once spotted, Allison falls head over heels into the reeded aquatic situation and appears to be unconscious. Tucker and Dale do the only rational thing when a beautiful girl falls into one's lake.. they take after their favorite song, (this isn't actually covered in the trailer.. or probably even in the movie, but I'd like to think their favorite song is "Hero") they fish her out and get all Enrique Iglesias on her. Ever the Samaritans, they inform the group that they have saved their friend. However, the communication is somewhat lacking and comes out as creepy as T&D look. The assortment of adventurers witness their friend's alleged abduction and in turn, freak the hell out. Let the miscommunications begin! We will now play a game called, "What Should They Have Done?" (1) What Should They Have Done? Well, firstly.. Tuckerdale could have just been a little clearer. Well.. a whole hell of a lot clearer. Simply peppering the sentence, "We got your friend." with a different word, like, "saved" instead of "got", and then telling them to swim over and get her.. or taking the initiative and rowing over and depositing Allison in her friends' care.. either of these would have gone miles to forming a long lasting friendship with the pro/an-tagonists. The next morning, Allison, perplexed and hazy, stares out of a window in Duckertale's cozy cabin getaway, unaware of the horrors that lie in store for her friends. Or the impending, much more imminent danger that lies in store for her: PANCAKES! Wait.. pancakes? Yes, Rosencrantz walks into the room with breakfast in bed and when met with a clearly ungrateful reaction, loses all self esteem in his culinary prowess and retreats to make something else.. inevitably in vain. (2) What Should He Have Done? Tuckerstern could have knocked before entering the room and announced himself in a vulnerable and approachable voice, then follow up with a sing-song, "breeeak-fasssst!" This would have put her immediately at ease and prevented the initial shock of meeting a stranger in a strange place. The scene does end in a nice give and take explanation, where Guildenstern looks on as Rosencrantz explains that he jumped in to rescue fair Ophelia. Too literary? Like.. they never specify which is Tucker or which is Dale, much in the same way Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are never determined. And one of the themes behind the movie is alleged suicide.. and Allison is really beautiful and falls in the water.. and, like, Ophelia was beautiful and killed herself by drowning. See? I can make sense sometimes! In any case, Tucker and Dale, whichever is which, decide to go on the offensive and find Allison's friends to let them know she is safe. Perspective flip. We now have Allison's fearful friends gathering outside of the suspected nightmare cabin, forming theories and worst-case scenarios about the "evil" that has befallen their helpless homey. (3) What Should They Have Done? The group should have just walked up to the porch and knocked on the door. This would have resulted in an initial anxiety-inducing moment.. but when the door opens up and everyone is genial and nice, they would find their friend Allison is comfortable and probably sit down and enjoy some of those forgotten pancakes as one big, happy, bunch of new found friends! Instead, the gaggle of gadabouts decide to fight the two unwitting friends in a series of mishaps and missteps, leading to the cast list going from double digits to single, real quick-like. The posse of pupils turned prowlers assumes that Allison is digging her own grave, when she has actually just offered to help Ckudertale dig a.. uhmm.. "shitter hole". So they decide that enough is enough. They attempt to hit Tucker and Dale with everything they can get their hands on. A whole arsenal of sharpened branches, axes, sheer brawn, and death defying (well.. death dealing) maneuvers, is broken out and wielded to the fullest extent of their aptitude (ineptitude?). (4) What Should They Have Done? Well, the first time her friends saw Allison alive and well, they could have assessed the sitch and realized that they outnumbered their perceived enemy 7 to 1. They could have called out to Allison and asked what the deal was. This would likely have resulted in a rather comical conversation and all of the alleged kidnapping business would have been explained. I will spare you the following deaths in great detail, but they have to be seen to be believed! These bumbling besties all find interesting, Final Destination style deaths to keep people sated until the impending sequel, 'The Final Destination Finale 6: Seriously, This is Final', comes out. A quick taste: vaulting onto stakes, leaping into wood chippers, running into sharp branches chest and heart first, eating bullets, chucking fire at each other.. and I am hoping for much more cringe-worthy mismanagings of judgment. As the campers slowly kill themselves trying to save Allison, Tucker and Dale grow more and more worried for the mental health of Allison's friends. With so much death falling around, and literally ON them, they have no other explanation other than these city folk have formed a suicide pact and came into their forest to shuffle off their mortal coils. Tucks and Deezy decide they need to help. Yet, the more they try to help, the more fearful their burdensome bounty becomes. The more fearful the "suicidal" friends become, the more they fall prey to their own follies. A vicious cycle. (say it with me)(5) What Should They Have Done? Well, first of all, Tuckencrantz and Dalenstern should just let Allison go outside and talk to her friends! The movie would be over in like 2 minutes and everyone in the group would go off happy in the fact that maybe they may just not be cut out for the woods. Not to mention, Tucker and Dale would return happily to their home sweet home. The police eventually end up involved, though, which might allow for some third party perspective. But they show a scene where one of the kids picks a revolver off of the ground in front of the police car, so we can only assume that the police officer's head exploded when he discovered how amazing the plot of this movie is. It really seems like this movie was a lot of fun to make. Alan Tudyk shines in everything he's ever done, and Tyler Labine brings his usual lovable best friend swagger to the plate. This group of young actors must have had a ball playing off of the ridiculousness of the script and fun set. This fun take on the horror genre ends up looking like less of a traditional spoof, and more like a wonderful homage to every slasher flick ever that made you say, "Man, I wonder what would have happened if they just tried to talk things out." In most cases, it would end with your tongue cut out and shoved into your eyeballs.. but on the off chance that you're dealing with misunderstood forest folk, maybe, just maybe, things would work out. One thing is for sure, I cannot wait til this movie comes out so I can get a good start on the upcoming horror movie season. Nothing is better than a well done horror/comedy mash up, in my opinion. ("Shaun of the Dead", much? Have you seen "Severance"?) Fingers crossed! Release Date: September 30, 2011"
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Red Band Trailer
rom: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "Lastly, today sees the open for the much less promoted (than the other 2 movies, at least), Saving Grace B. Jones. One possible draw is it's pretty sweet cast consisting of Michael Biehn, and a handful of other stellar actors: Tatum O'neal, Piper Laurie, Penelope Ann Miller, Scott Wilson.. This seems to be one of those movies that was made a couple years ago and FINALLY got a green light from someone to be released. (think: Case 39) It's about a woman named Grace who gets released from an insane asylum and then appears to lose her shit when a massive flood is going on. This is a bit too dramatic for my tastes to sit in a theater and not get antsy and want to fast forward most of the scenes. If you enjoy dramatic, award winning actors in a dramatic, possibly "man v man/man v nature" movie, then by all means, go see it."
Saving Grace B. Jones
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "..Next we have "The Blair Witch Project 3: Paranormal Activity (Lunar Edition)", which I am pretty sure is its full title. It stars, what looks like, just 2 people: Lloyd Owen and Warren Christie. This does look pretty sweet, but if you haven't learned your lesson from the first 400 times hand-held movies have been in theaters that it will be 80% absolutely nothing going on, 10% creepy, and 10% "WTF?!", then by all means, check this out for 7-10 bucks. I may have to pass on the theaterical release for this, but I believe this will definitely be worth checking out at some point."
Apollo 18
Feature Trailer
from: http://paintmyart.weebly.com/my-preview-re-viewing-blog.html "You may have seen the marketing for Shark Night 3d, as it's been plastered across the face of everything like blood in a splatterhouse. It stars quiet a few people, most I've unfortunately never heard of, so I can't tell you much about them. Of note, however, Katharine McPhee, the singer/sometimes actress. But especially of note, Joel David Moore, who makes every movie he's in, instantly watchable. From the trailer, it looks like a bunch of dumb kids go to a lakehouse looking to have a good time. This has always proven to be a top notch plan for fun-seeking young people in films past, but for some strange reason, it doesn't seem to pan out just right. Now I say dumb kids.. but I should clarify, they are actually college kids.. which implies some level of maturity and education (well.. it SHOULD imply that, but we'll have to wait and see). So these.. people.. go on their "ultimate summer vacation" to a lake. A salt water lake, to be exact. So they get attacked by sharks! Duh! For some reason, there aren't any neighbors, there aren't any phones, and they KEEP going back in the water! Luckily, there is plenty of beer, hot girls, and a psychotic, shark wielding maniac. Now, this is one of those "RealD" movies, and was designed specifically to just be a campy horror flick with mindless fun. I'll probably check this out, because I've checked every mindless 3d horror movie since 3d became a thing (including the original 13 Ghosts!), but with these exorbinant prices tagged onto this otherwise unnecessary "3D craze", it may not be for everyone who isn't a die hard "B-movie" fan."
Shark Night 3D
yeah, such a great movie. I just wrote about this trailer on my website!
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