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im glad renner solidified himself in hollywood through a long road its about time another real action hero came up cause im tired of these soft feel nice wannabe action flicks just ordinance and ass whipping for me please!
The Bourne Legacy
so let me get this straight. Bruce Willis is in and that slag Channing Tatum dies, plus the gerbroni beating Rock is in it! Things are looken up!
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
saw the 7 min trailer in imax. Its the screenplay, thats how nolen draws us in. Imagine every moment of an intense dream you have had, every crazy thing you imagined as a kid playing with action figures. The put it in to the viseral reality that we live everyday, but put yourself in the characters shoes. Boom! Movie magic. Thats the inception, thats why in his movie Inception you don't need to know where it ends cause " Imagination is more important than knowledge"( Albert Einstien). Its gonna be one hell of a year.
The Dark Knight Rises
only you can prevent forest murder! boy that mime was terrible! I hope that same exact thing happens to the directer!
Don't Go in the Woods
Lost in Translation
i am a black man who fought i o.i.f 5 and i did it for my country not for credit, but this movie makes me very proud its not just black history its american history we all owe a debt i lost friends and they were white, spanish, and black hell my roomate is white and he is my brother. Hollywood can be a little racist at times ,but there still learning. If anything look at it like to be such a young country boy do we kick a lot of A#$ lol. btw if your reading this look up the airport and gift shop in bangor, maine. Half the patches and coins from the u.s. military are there and some of the people have been there since the vietnam war wishing soldiers a safe journey there and back.
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