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Well first off, all of you complaining about this being a reboot should just butt out in the first place because you obviously dont understand the character enough to see why this Character had to be rebooted. I am going to say yes I am a Spider-man fan from since I was 8 years old and have been collecting Spider-man ever since for 26 years now and I did love the first "TWO" Raimi movies. Yes they did have their flaws....Hardly any sign of Spidey's since of humor and banter while taunting his enemy , No Mechanical Web Shooters, MJ Before Gwen, but still these first two movies were fine.....BUT NOT PART 3....that movie basically ruined a good thing with two major fucked up flaws....I am not talking about dancing or Emo Parker either, that was bad but not franchise/character crushing bad, not even (WHILE HORRIBLE) a watered down Venom, .....WHat really was the killer for any true Spider-man fan is the fact that Sandman was responsible for Uncle Bens death and it was of all things "AN ACCIDENT" and having Peter forgive...That basically bastardized the true essence of why Peter is Spider-man, that would be like messing with the fact that only one of Bruce Waynes parents were killed yet he still wanted to avenge one of them by being Batman ...Thats not the same feel to the character. So my friends that is exactly why "we" >>> TRUE SPIDER-MAN Fans (Not you noobs that just know the Raimi films) need a reboot. Not to mention this new AMAZING SPIDEY FILM (Aside from the minor 3D gimmick which might be good once the CG is fully implemented and tweeked) looks like it took some ques from Batman Begins and is going to develope characters you truely care for, and that will lead to a powerful story in the sequel where you must assume Gwens going to die at the hands of Green Goblin....so stop fussing about having to see an origin again, I assure you it is going to be richer and deeper than Raimi's first film....as long as this franchise Spidey stops revealing his identity to every damn villain he fights (CHRIST)...Nuff said NUFF SAID
The Amazing Spider-Man
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