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I am repulsed by this. It just looks terrible. LAME. I'll wait for "Hungry, Hungry Hippos".
Facebook Trailer
Looks better than "Battleship". Okay,okay.....I know I just wrote something that is not very productive but..... Good God!-"Battle ship" looks awful. I mean.....I have not hated a trailor like I hate "Battleship" in a very long time. Am I way off base or do I have understanding amigos out there who feel my pain?
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
Feature Trailer
Does not look funny. Just sad. (and I actually like Andy Sandberg and Adam Sandler.)
That's My Boy
Red Band Trailer
wow. Just watching the trailer made me feel so ashamed that someone belonging to my species thought this concept was worth exploring for entertainment. Is it supposed tp be cute. Is it supposed to be a "feel-good" film. I've had dogs pass on. I could never bring them back. It pisses me off that my forever grief is a target for whimsy. Funny....If it was a dead kid brought back by a grieving mother it would be a horror story but a dog's death is "family friendly fun" I loved my dogs too much for this not to sting. I'm not offended or outraged. Just saddened that society still has so very far to go when it comes to empathizing with those of us that consider these intelligent social creatures -FAMILY. I know, I know....it's only a movie but.....the spin feels so wrong to me. I can't be the only one. Thoughts?
we HAVE all the genetic material we need to clone thylacine. Many fetus are in jars in various institutions. The problem is finding a marsupial large enough to gestate the embryos. This movie looks (from the trailer) like it is catering to the laymen to much. It's a shame. These beautiful animals deserve a proper story telling of the tragedy of their man-caused brutal demise. The last one- a female called Ben, died of exposure on a cold slab of cement and then her body was burned with the garbage. Her story, alone, is so heartbreaking it haunts me constantly. I hope this movie does not shit on her more than humans already have.
The Hunter
Feature Trailer
The Cabin in the Woods
Your statement is assumptuous at best and severly retarded at worst. Your judging Ms.Streeps performance AND the character of a whole group of artists based on your LACK of knowledge about a film you admit you have NOT seen. WOW. Look in the mirror for "wrong". Seriously.
The Iron Lady
International Trailer
I'll give it a go. Although the Last cartoon I saw with hearty brougish folk of yore, blew me away so forcefully that it's almost not fair. I'll try not to compare to How To Train Your Dragon and the joyful day that was but........
This looks SOOOOO STUPID. I'm gonna go see it.
21 Jump Street
Red Band Trailer
I wish someone else was playing snow white. Stewart is kind of a turd.
Snow White and the Huntsman
Michelle Williams just does not work for me (at least in this trailer) AT ALL. I'm confused by the idea she does for anyone. I do not see "IT". I feel like I'm watching a parade and the crowd is cheering but......the emporer is naked. It's just such a weird feeling to be so put- off by someone who's past work I have admired.
My Week with Marilyn
So tired of "Christian" based horror films. The religion is simplistic and boring and the movies are too.
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