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i enjoy watching things blow up and nuinjas fighting. sure there is no way this film will see an award or rave reviews, but this stuff is for people like me. who just want to have fun watching a movie. the first one was not that great, but this one doesnt have marlon wayans it looks like. which makes me really happy.
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
im excited to see this. the action looks awesome, the cinematography looks epic. and the actors i think are gonna nail their roles, including stewart. ya ya you can comment all you want. sure they could have gotten other actors that may have been a better choice. but i want to see her succeed in this film. it just goes to show that shes not gonna let twilight bring her career to an end. if she does this role well, i cant wait to see what else she does.
Snow White and the Huntsman
So excited for this. The trailer has put my fears aside, visually they have nailed the look and feel of the book. although the glipmse we saw of the capitol kinda dissapointed me. i was expecting a colorful metropolis, it looks more like base camp. whatever, its still gonna be awesome. and whats with this battle royale everyone keeps comparing it to? i just recently looked it up and i diont think its going to in any way compare to this film. and people, who would you have rather cast as the characters? im just dying to know, cuz i think they got some really big names to do this film. they've got to get an audience somehow.
The Hunger Games
one thing i can say is, dated. the humor in this film i can guarantee will parallel modern day issues and celebrities. it will be quickly forgetten and the reviews will be awful. i am excited to see that other snow white film though. charlize as the villain is just to juicy to pass up. and you can hate me all you want but im actually kinda excited to see kristen stewart as a BA warior. finally she gets a role where shes not some damsel, she actually sticks up for herself. and i dont think shes a bad actress, she can do roles not many other actresses can.
Mirror Mirror
I like the setup of the trailer. Not too hot on the music, but the beat kinda matches the MI theme. Which is probably why they used it. I like how they did'nt give the whole movie away, but i would be happier if they came out with a shorter teaser first. just like a barrage of random images. I cannot wait to see josh holloway in this, he looks so BA.
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
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