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getting a bit giddy just watching the teaser. loved the whistling. this looks like it'll be great since i enjoyed the 1st and 2nd.
The Expendables 3
Teaser Trailer
is this an actual movie? 0_o
Nurse 3D
such a trailer ^^ I srsly could not take my eyes off the screen. like felachild said, very unflinching and realistic. i love how he doesn't tiptoe round the subject, but instead smashes you in the face with a sledgehammer. brutal, yet beautiful at the same time. btw, does anyone know the music in the trailer?
Red Band Trailer
to be even MORE excited for this movie?
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Sneak Peek Trailer
wow, that trailer was like the definition of 'wham bam thank you ma'am' cool cars, martial arts, jumping from helicopters...and friggin jackie chan getting back in the game. hell yeah i'm excited!
Feature Trailer
reminds me a bit of the van helsing movie with jackman. meh, looks sorta dumb. half of the time I was expecting bill nighy to say 'you cannot forestall my JUDGE-MENT!' lol
I, Frankenstein
whoa, kenneth branagh with a russian accent 0_0
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Feature Trailer
steve carrell looks so...different. and creepy.
Teaser Trailer
...bloody hell did i just watch?
Escape from Tomorrow
first time i watched a trailer in complete silence...
The Railway Man
juvenile jokes. no laughter. did i accidently walk into a tyler perry movie?
Red Band Trailer
I'm glad they didnt go and pick some overused hollywood starlet as Liesel. This new girl looks like she'll do the part justice. That and I absolutely beyond words LOVE Geoffery Rush. *_*
The Book Thief
dear lord, high school musical and twilight have reproduced. run for the hills!
Vampire Academy
Is it wrong for me to only want to see this for Tom Hiddleston's witty banter? XD
Thor: The Dark World
Feature Trailer
seen it, done it, thank you, goodbye.
hell yeah, this looks hilarious!
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
how'd you get out of your cage?! *gets shotgun* I put you, mel gibson, and kristen stewart in there so you wouldn't put humanity through anymore of your 'acting'.
47 Ronin
I would say 'I'm in' but hey I could just turn on the news and watch this kinda stuff. Next they'll be making a movie on Snowden. Cumberbatch certainly looks a bit odd with white-blonde hair 0_o
The Fifth Estate
as felachild states, another one to add to the endless list of movies i gotta see. :) and all the handsome men in this (fassbender, pitt, cumberbatch) I might die of happiness.
12 Years a Slave
Watching this with the two kids I babysit for. Both went completely berserk because I took them to see the first one in theaters and they both loved it. Lori, the oldest at 12, kept giggling and saying 'Hiccup got hot' XD oh dear...
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Teaser Trailer
tom hanks as walt disney? hmm, never would of thought it but this looks good :)
Saving Mr. Banks
random director...hmm. well i would've gone for david finscher but hey, whatever. i'm tired of complaining about how america is so asisine that it can't even make its own movies anymore. that it has to rip off and remake every single movie it gets its grimy little hands on. so i'm just gonna say, good luck to this adaption. hopefully it will get people interested in the original. and even with a cast this great (brolin and jackson), the original will still be LEAGUES better.
Red Band Trailer
badass jeff bridges with a sword? thats all the incentive i need!
Seventh Son
another chick flick. ^^ altho i know a ton of girl coworkers who would love to do that whole 'jane austen' experience. That jj field guy looks familar...was he in one of the jane austen book-to-movies?
Don't remember a single movie where I actually liked Seyfried's acting. And a movie all about a porn star? Pass for sure. Not even a DVDer for me.
International Trailer
I swear I couldn't understand a word they were saying half the time. 'ow bout a tiff an a bub eh?' pardon?
a comedy I'm actually looking forward to? i think this calls for a woo hoo! i may even upgrade that to a yippee!
Thanks for Sharing
ridley scott, brad pitt, javier bardem, AND michael fassbender? is it my birthday?
The Counselor
Teaser Trailer
hell i'll watch anything with fishburne in it at this point ^^
The Colony
Feature Trailer
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