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Looks a bit made for TV...sadly...
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
It's not a question of looking for old famiiliar faces, or even expecting them to be present, but appreciate the warmth these characters have brought us for the last 40-odd years, re-captured again, for the generation that to follow. Case in point, the pre-quels to Star Wars. Ewan McGreggor's interpretation of the character Alec Guiness made famous was probably McGreggor's best acting. The idea that Spock gets pissed off with Kirk (unless I misinterpreted the trailers [pon-far anyone?]), Kirk driving a car (in the episode "A Piece of the Action" he comments that he had never driven a car before, and here he is driving a car in the film as a kid) - need I mention "SIBERIUS?" WTF!?!?!? Recycled, reinterpreted, re-imaged, whatever you wish to call it... Hollywood should leave well alone and not tamper with characters to be 're-vamped.' I can appreciate the idea of bringing them back for some more sci-fi, but honestly, don't change that which is already perfect. I can only hope that I mis-read the trailers, and they appreciate what the likes of McGreggor did for Obiwan... respect and homage to what is already established!
Star Trek
Super Bowl Spot
This is beginning to look like an attempt to re-write history for retards. I've watched Star Trek for most of my life, each and every series, and this looks NOTHING like the original. It is not difficult to get a visually stunning looking film these days (most of the films were, in particular Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), but writing is the key to every good story - ESPECIALLY the original series. Given that J.J. Abrams had never even seen an original episode, how is it possible to remain true to some of the greatest characters television has ever known (let alone film for that matter). This trailer and all of the other trailers scares me, and if you call yourself a Star Trek fan, then you should be equally scared.
Star Trek
Super Bowl Spot
Re-Dub? Forget that idea... when you read the text you get into the simple genius of the film. It doesn't Hollywood the 'contemporary' idea of the vampire, but brings back the old tradition as it should be. It respects the idea and the origin, but brings it back to the life through great acting, visuals, plot and writing. Forget about Twilight - check this film out. It deserves a big screen viewing. * * * * * (5 stars).
Let the Right One In
Red Band Trailer
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