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jaja meng!
The rare occurrence when the second trailer is 3 times shorter than the first
Cloud Atlas
Feature Trailer
Emma stone and Ryan Gosling are love intrests again. hehe thats funny. Hollywood must think there a nice couple.
Gangster Squad
Red Band Trailer
That was awesome! lol goof stuff. But, I bet this wouldn't gave been made if "how to train a dragon" wasn't sucha success.
Feature Trailer
was hot
Man on a Ledge
for not taking Channing tatum and Tracy morgan seriously
The Son of No One
Feature Trailer
Olivia Is his Mom in the movie ...she doesn't play a huge role. ....About the movie I sed b4, It doesn't look amazing. But, its very original -so kudos to them for that, I'll check it out.
In Time
International Trailer
I agree with Aaron. and yea ...Seth Rogan is the best wing man lol
Trailer B
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
San Diego Comic Con - Panel
This could be ether ridiculous or mind blowing ...ether way I applaud there originality!
In Time
Comic Con Trailer
I can't believe people are suprised by this reboot. I thought it was old news. I loved the first and Second spider man movies to death, but they took the third one too far outa control. ...so wataya gna do. I think he looks just like Peter Parker
The Amazing Spider-Man
That was pretty cool. .. ): I wana be in a movie and be payed thousands
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Video Blog - Meet the Hobbits
I'm a soider-man fan ...man. and I have no choice but to hope for the best! THIS ...kinda excites me. I hope it turns out well
The Amazing Spider-Man
I know this will be a good movie. I fear the name will detract people from seeing it. Not alot of people ...its just not the most magnetic name uno? :P
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
International Trailer
Why do kids movies seem to have more heart than ..adult movies
Teaser Trailer
I wouldn't watch it if they payed me
ol I too agree with Lincoln. It seems like a creative reimagining ...but then say that it is in some sort of way. I would like to see another serious Three Musketeers ...preferably one without '3D' in the title
The Three Musketeers 3D
Feature Trailer
Streck will NEVER DIE haha!! lol no I agree with Hairy man
Puss in Boots
Never forget what?? I didn't catch that lol Well the said it "Vengence is Beautiful" as long as there advertizing it for what it is ...there not tricking no one :P I'll be entertained Zoe so hot meng!
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