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A well done prank but if people are that easily fooled by the guys acting it shows how stupid some people are.
Viral - Telekinetic Coffee Shop
This is just outstanding loved the first one and this looks even better bring it on now!!!!!
Machete Kills
Red Band Trailer
Looks more like some sort of zombie infection because there walking around attacking after being infected, and the sets look so much like alien it's not funny, talk about ripoff.
The Last Days on Mars
International Trailer
Here is a link with Randy Moore discussing how he pulled it off! http://articles.latimes.com/2013/jan/20/entertainment/la-et-mn-sundance-2013-escape-from-tomorrow-disney-20130120
Escape from Tomorrow
This looks just so weird, love it my type of trailer but i'll hold judgement until i see the actual movie but this has me hooked and i'm amazed that they got away with any filming this some is shot in Disneyland how did they get approval to shoot there? And Wordsmi999 no Disney didn't approve it read the start it said "The following motion picture has NOT been approved for ALL AUDIENCES by the Walt Disney Company.
Escape from Tomorrow
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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