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Jack Abramoff is the cooliset dude, in this entire world! Look how much jealiously his accuser beckon!! Jack Abramoff is extraordinary & marvelously handsome....exceptional! Native American women are extremely attractive to Jack!!! Jack is the cooliest, Jack is the best! Better than all the rest...Jack is our hero & sage. Now if only Graham Greene knew that he is characterizing a victimized guilty indian male... if he'd realize in reality, that the character he is summonizing is and abusive wife beater...wife beating her to death on the Isabella Indian Reservation in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in March of 1984. Bernie Sprague is the chief suspect into the death of his first wife, his 6 mo. old son & a 16 yr. old sister -in-law... eye witnesses, saw him coming from the home right after the fire was started by this pyro. The beating from Bernie's fists & his fits of rage & anger and his continuous head blows, head trama...he killed her while arguing with her earlier before he torched the home where his family were sleeping and while Laurie was dying! True facts, here. The Mt. Pleasant newspaper covered the story back on March 19th,1984, oral witnesses will tell you...that while drunk , Bernie confessed to another what he did to his family and eye witnesses saw him. This coward hides behind the white man, has the white man defend him...the dude can't defend himself - cuz, he is a weak individual with a huge cowardice personality. Our reservation, does not honor him in any way...he is a murder in our eyes...the truth! Ole boy can't handle the truth!!
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