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I guess in a pinch I could use someone's intestines to escape a burning building.
Red Band Trailer
Company Men, The Debt, Faster, The Town, The Social Network, Due Date. You guys need to rotate your site 90 degrees with those titles.
The Company Men
Feature Trailer
I realize it's a comedy, but the scene with the foosball table seemed sort of creepy.
Gulliver's Travels
A feature length movie about a guy in a dark box with barely a source of light? I think I've heard of this before. It's called radio. I wonder if it was filmed in 3D?
Teaser Trailer B
The original run was very limited. The movie was picked up by IFC for a wider release and home release. Note the subtitle "First Sequence", a sequel has already been planned.
The Human Centipede
Did Trailer Addict get hacked? Is this a student project from the kid of someone famous? Did Trailer Addict owe them a favor?
Short Film
The trailer just showed the complete plot of the movie. Couldn't they have left a little more mystery to the trailer?
Leap Year
How was that trailer not a Red Band? I guess the MPAA is too concerned with drugs and sex.
Give 'em Hell, Malone
Promo Trailer
That voiceover seemed pretty creepy for this movie. I almost expected it to be a horror flick. With the passage of Don LaFontaine I guess you take what you can get.
500 Days of Summer
Teaser Trailer
We love you Sandra, but sorry to say you're getting too old for these scripts. This is like Love Potion No. 9 the Ninth.
All About Steve
You have seen this movie before. The Babysitter, Fatal Attraction. I guess Hollywood thinks every woman is a psycho stalker.
Can't anyone come up with an orginal title for a spoof movie? It's like the generic brands in the 70's where everything's Beer Beer or Cereal Cereal. If the title has no creativity in it, it means the movie's jokes lack the same.
Dance Flick
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