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Nice cover of Heart of Gold. Is that Tavi Gevison?
Out of the Furnace
Feature Trailer
We've spent billions on rovers and spacecraft to Mars and butkus. No John Carter, no friendly or unfriendly aliens, no alien bacteria, plants or viruses, not even Santa Clau.
The Last Days on Mars
International Trailer
but lousy CGI
The Lone Ranger
International Trailer
and Robocop too?
Star Trek Into Darkness
International Trailer
Will Smith's accent seems a bit distracting. Is he channeling Sidney Poitier?
After Earth
Feature Trailer
Air Force One 2-Grounded by Fear Under Siege 3-One if by Sea, Two if by Land, Three if by White House Die Hard 6-An Inauguration to Die Hard For White House Down-The Prequel
Olympus Has Fallen
Pain & Gain
a Wall-E Alternate Universe?
I'm glad this movie comes out way in advance of the Jackie Robinson movie.
Movie 43
Red Band Trailer
Life of Pi
It looks like Josh Holloway modeled his coach after Gary Johnson of Team America.
Battle of the Year
Not the flying monkeys!! I've been having nightmares since I was 6.
Oz The Great and Powerful
But containing the heart of a great story. I almost feel like grown men will be crying at the end of this one.
The Dark Knight Rises
Featurette - Extended Inside Look
Not a Reacher movie. Jack doesn't much drive or talk so why is this character driving and talking so much. Denzel Washington would have fit the character better and he's still too old.
Jack Reacher
How'd Levitt get hooked up with all these cool scripts?
International Trailer
The music reminds me of Inception. What are they chanting?
The Dark Knight Rises
Nokia Trailer
Ah so President Lincoln was Buffy Summers great, great, great, great grandpa.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
International Trailer
How did President Lincoln ever get his work done as President? Fighting vampires, writing speeches, debating Stephen Douglas, time traveling with Bill and Ted, freeing the slaves.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Will Ferrell only speaks Spanish, comedy ensues.
Casa de mi Padre
Feature Trailer
God I hope the gimmick for this comedy isn't all English subtitles.
Casa de mi Padre
Theatrical Trailer
What the heck does this have to do with the Battleship game and what happened to the woman's face at the 2:00 mark?
Feature Trailer
If I'm ever attacked by ninjas on ropes I'd say screw man to man combat, chop the ropes.
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
Where's Mel Gibson?
The Three Stooges
Write a best selling book on anything and you get a movie deal.
What to Expect When You're Expecting
I don't remember seeing the trailer for Journey 1.
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Somewhere between Beverly Hills Cop and Norbit.
A Thousand Words
...even superheroes can get STD's.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Sex, martial arts and 3D what more do you need besides 50' fire breathing monsters?
3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy
Feature Trailer
Amazing voice talent, but it looks like a mashup of Dr Dolittle, Madagascar and Night at the Museum.
Where's Tom Hanks and the CSI guy? Did Apollo's 14-17 go straight to video? I totally missed the aliens in Apollo 13. Now I finally get why the rocket was sabotaged.
Apollo 18
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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