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This looks to perhaps top Inglorious Basterds, but we'll see
Django Unchained
If you watch, the first time you see Loki he seems to have teleported in noticing the burning around him and the way he's in a brace for impact position. At the end of Thor he's messing with Dr. Selvig's mind and controlling him to do something, most likely, some sort of portal device. And once he's through they could possibly use it to save Thor, problem solved.
The Avengers
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)
Teaser Trailer B
I can't believe they're making another American Pie, I mean, at least with Harry Potter we knew how many books there were beforehand
American Reunion
Photobooth Trailer
I wanted to see this, but I"m pissed to know Olivia Wilde dies already...why the fuck did they do that?
In Time
International Trailer
This is like the trailer for the new Pixar movie, "Brave". Except...not as exciting...
The Hunger Games
Teaser Trailer
I have no idea wtf I just watched
The Skin I Live In
Feature Trailer
Finally Eddie Murphy makes a film I wanna see, this looks tight
Tower Heist
This had me hooked, I'll be there
The Ides of March
Wow, I actually think this looks good, the only comparison to Gattaca I would draw is the poor vs. rich subplot and that it's in the near future. Which we can go for a long list with these topics, I'm gonna go ahead and throw equilibrium out there to add to the discussion though.
In Time
Comic Con Trailer
that was intense
Conan the Barbarian
Thirst for Blood
I'm of course going to see it, but who can help not being dissapointed by a teaser trailer. That's what they do, tease you!
The Dark Knight Rises
Teaser Trailer
Some people watch boring british adaptations of characters and assume the books were the same way. This looks as awesome as the last one btw.
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
You had ME at Hugo Weaving
Captain America: The First Avenger
Theatrical Trailer
Didn't know Ron Perlman was gonna be in this, suddenly looks a lot better with this trailer and his talent attached.
Conan the Barbarian
Red Band Trailer
And the award for movie I'm gonna trick my girlfriend into watching with it's pretty name goes to...
This is looking better, but I still don't like the mask on him, it's lke it doesn't fit
Green Lantern
Theatrical Trailer
I might have to see this, my girlfriend would enjoy this too.
Good Neighbors
Looks intense, looks the way The Strangers should have been.
Straw Dogs
definitely better than the first feature trailer. The first one looked friggin' stupid.
Real Steel
Feature Trailer
This trailer creeped me the F out
Sleeping Beauty
Red Band Trailer
Hal Jordan is a hot shot/smart ass, so is Ryan Reynolds, if there's anything wrong with this film, it's not him. I'm just worried the CGI is going to be too much, but I'm still open to this film. Also, I think certain shots the suit looks good and others it looks unpolished so if they clean some stuff up, which there's plenty of time for, I think it'll be an impressive look.
Green Lantern
I dunno, looks good sometimes, looks cheesy other times. I'm still down though
Green Lantern
WonderCon Footage
The Smurfs
Theatrical Trailer
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